Blog Posts I Keep Thinking About Writing (But Don’t)

Blog Posts I Keep Thinking About Writing (But Don’t)

I haven’t been exceptionally busy, but any ounce of my creative writing brainpower has been put towards the book (currently stagnant) or writing samples for grad school (will or won’t I apply?). Though this blog has mostly been neglected, I still think about it often. Here are some posts ideas I think about writing, but immediately scrap. I figured if I listed enough of them, it’d be almost like taking the time to write one out.

Selling Horses Is Hard – An Expose on Maturity
This would have a lot of restrained whining and a desperate attempt to be an adult instead of the long rant of desperation I would like to write.

Men Are Stupid and They Don’t Know What They Want
Title pretty much sums it up.

Psychotic Breaks With Red Wine (And Other Ways to Shock Your Friends)
Dramatic re-enactment of my last Friday night. Includes screaming about how I hate everything, have a chronic illness that’s impossible for me to actually have and some tears.


Why Donald Trump is Damaging to Little Girls
Jokes aside, I feel pretty damn strongly about this one.

A Triage of Milestones and Holidays Still Suck At Year Two
Facebook notified me that I got engaged seven years ago yesterday. My wedding anniversary is next week. Tim’s birthday is the week after. Let’s not even talk about the holidays coming up. Pass, please. Hard pass.

How To Not Stand Out at a Hunter/Jumper Show
Short story? Wear sleeves, black/navy/white saddle pads and don’t complain about how much better your discipline is than ours.


How Many Halloween Celebrations Can I Squeeze Into October?
The answer is a lot. One for dogs, one for horses, one for adults and one for little kids. Bonus content – who can come up with the best punny dog costume? Current options are Jurassic Bark, Game of Bones and Harry Barker.

I hope to get the blogging mojo back 100% soon, because I love this little space of the internet and the people it’s collected around it. Right now the horse world is boring or not to be blogged about, and life outside of that seems sporadic and crazy (or also not to be blogged about). Know that while I’m floating in my SS Struggle Ship, I’m still reading your blogs and following along your adventures.

26 thoughts on “Blog Posts I Keep Thinking About Writing (But Don’t)

  1. Me too!! Me too!! **Raises hand and waves from the front row**

    My horse life is also pretty boring and no-horse life is also kind of sporadic and crazy and I’m also dreading the holidays and I’m also thinking about blogging but not actually blogging.

    I’m sorry you’ve got a whole lot of suck coming up. Anyway just wanted to fist-bump here and say that I would also like to stay under the covers until, like, March. St. Patrick’s Day anyone?

        1. My god. As much as I’m into “let’s build each other up” I desperately want to know more about the sleeveless train wreck!!!

          Keep writing. It will come back. Sometimes I take 5 minutes to write about what a horrible writer I am just to get it out of my system. But I’m weird like that!

  2. I’m not saying you should throw shade at some of the more…interesting…things we see at those shows. But I’m also not saying you shouldn’t drink a bottle of wine and do it anyway.

  3. How many Halloween celebrations CAN you fit into this month? I could get behind a challenge to party up for Halloween as many times as possible. Random Tuesday night costume party anyone? Thursday day drinking costume party? Yes? Please?

  4. Oh man, you have NO IDEA how much I want you to write most of those blogs. If you need wine to inspire you, I can bring some by…

  5. jurassic bark yas omg!!

    but also, yea. pro tip for basically anyone out there in regards to anything: “don’t complain about how much better your ___________ is than ours.” like. probably just don’t. (saying that while fully admitting that i’ve definitely chipped in the occasional “omg but ride times!” joke…)

  6. I have a list of posts to write too. I’ve been pretty good about writing my usual posts, but I can’t find the motivation to write anything else. I blame the weather. I figure soon it will be too cold to do anything but sit inside and write blog posts, so maybe then?
    I hope you get through all the upcoming milestones easily and with just the right amount of wine. Too much or too little could get ugly, amiright?!

  7. I’m sooo with you on many of these. I bet when you write them (and hopefully you will soon) the comments alone will show you in spades- you’re Not alone in this!

  8. I so want you to write some (or all) of these blog posts that I am still thinking about it a day later. How bout I ship you a case of wine and you get crackin’, mmmKay?

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