Things That Happened

Things That Happened

It’s been a weird week over in Tex-ass.

We’re getting slammed with rain again. Normally I’m not really anti-rain, but I have a pretty vested interest in riding right now and with no indoor the week forecast doesn’t look hopeful. Plus, when I woke up this morning my house seems to have succumbed to strange plumbing issues again. My shower went from 100% fine to gurgling and not draining within a 24 hour period. I won’t go into details since plumbing is not a riveting topic by any means (especially for a horse blog), but it seems to be the Achilles heel for my house that won’t quite shape up.


More important (and exciting I guess) than plumbing is that my company laid off roughly 40% of our staff last week. Though I kind of felt that something as coming, I had no idea the scale and ramifications of a layoff that size. It was the first time I’d worked anywhere that laid off more than a few people here or there, so the event itself was shocking to me. My job is safe and I’m fine, but we lost some people I enjoyed quite a bit. The whole thing left me with this uneasy feeling that I am pretty alone in life right now.

If I lose my job, there’s no extra income to help out. If my plumbing explodes, there’s no handy husband to step in and take care of things. My current mood would best be described as vulnerable.


However, the week wasn’t all bad. You’ll notice this post is decorated with pictures of Sir Simon pants showing with someone that is not me. That’s because after a few glasses of wine on Monday night, club friendship decided that my friend who hasn’t shown in ages (but regularly lessons) should show Simon this weekend in the jumpers. As all decisions that come from wine, it was a great one. My friend rode the nerd horse well, and as always Simon was thrilled to go horse show.


I went out Saturday to watch and stuff his face with treats. Watching my favorite horse in the world go with a strange rider was nerve-wracking to say the least, but there was no reason to worry. It was actually nice to see Simon be his normal, happy self with someone other than me riding. Validated my decision to (hopefully) lease him out in the future. With good care and a good match, he should be just as happy with someone else for a bit. I love the nerd horse, and just want him happy. This weekend was great to witness… plus they got satin!


The last thing I am trying to control my excitement enough is this guy…


Withholding details for now. He’s in the barn on trial, and I would appreciate any good vibes you can send my way. I really like this one, and want him to be the unicorn. Despite feeling vulnerable and kind of alone these days, I don’t want to give up on my hunter dream.

38 thoughts on “Things That Happened

  1. Hey good lookin! Hope the trial goes well! That was nice of you to let your friend show Simon. Looks like they both had a good time!

  2. I’m sorry you’re feeling vulnerable and alone. I am too. Feel free to reach out if you want someone to commiserate with?

    Simon looks really happy, and so does your friend riding him. Which must give you sort of confusing feelings.

    My fingers are totally crossed about the third point. Unicorns could totally exist, and if anyone deserves to discover one, it’s you.

  3. We went through a big layoff at work a couple of weeks ago – it was rough, so I feel ya. I have no doubts that it’s awful to get laid off, but it’s also not pain-free surviving the cut either. Layoffs suck all around.

    Simon looks fab in those pics! I hated to watch anyone else ride my horse before I owned him, but now I love getting the chance to watch him go with another rider.

    Fingers crossed for that ridiculously gorgeously beautiful bay!!!

    1. They really do suck. Obviously more for the people who became suddenly jobless, but not fun for those who are left either. Hoping for an easier work week moving forward!

  4. You got some great pics of Simon and your friend! That was nice of you, to let her show him. It looks like she did a nice job with him. They both look happy and confident.

    Squee! Fingers crossed for a seal brown unicorn!

  5. I didn’t get a chance to come say hi to you this weekend, but I caught Simon over a few jumps and thought he looked great, so happy 🙂 That’s a cute prospect you have there!

    1. Sorry I missed you as well! I saw y’all starting to warmup but I had gotten poured on taking photos of my friends in the outdoor modifieds and was just ready to be home and dry by the time Simonpants finished up. 🙂

      1. Ugh, Saturday was crazy with all the weather! I was glad I was inside. You’re a very good friend to have been outside in that for the modifieds!

  6. Simon looks like he’s having a blast! And I’m crossing all the things for the trial horse. Beautiful animal, very easy on the eyes. =)

  7. Plumbing is my mom’s house achilles heel too, annoying but fixable, in her case expensive but worth it. Good vibes to you! And Simon looks super happy!

  8. Ugh. Plumbing is the worst. It’s just about the only thing I won’t try to fix myself. 🙁 Plus side, all horses in this post are extremely cute, and all my extremities are crossed (even my nasal cavities, I think).

  9. I work in video game industry too, and layoffs are something I’ve grown (sadly) very familiar with. They’re brutal. I’m glad you survived the cut. Also that horse is beautiful so I hope it works out. 🙂

  10. Well hopefully the potential good will REALLY outweigh the not so good in your life currently.
    Simon looks like he’s having tons of fun in the jumpers, yay for Nerd horse!
    I know I already said on the Insta, but the cutie on the bottom looks just like Jampy! Or at least before I started feeding Jampy too much hay all winter… Regardless, obviously, I think he’s very handsome, I hope things work out with him! Sending all the good ju-ju to you!

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