Something Cool Happened

Something Cool Happened

Back last November, I entered the Equestrian Social Media Awards on a bit of a whim.  I caught it early enough that there was no fee to enter, and I figured with almost a full year of blogging 5-6 days a week under my belt there wasn’t much to lose?

After the initial nominations, I asked all you lovely readers to nominate us in three different categories. Then they closed the nominations, and I had to wait until January 20th to find out if I was a finalist.

Of course we know it’s past the 20th now, and if you haven’t already  noticed from Facebook or instagram… I made it!


Ten finalists were picked per category, and I would not have made it without y’all taking the time to send in a nomination with a comment.  That’s directly how the judges picked the finalists, so thank you!

SMTT made it in the “Best Use of Social Media by an Amateur Horseperson” category, which is probably my favorite of the three I entered.  I am an ammy through and through, and try to keep the spirit of the “work all day so i can pay for my pony while checking horse blogs on the sly and thinking about my ride in the evening even though i’m terrified of that giant oxer my trainer is going to make me jump” kind of amateur rider.  That’s me to a T.

There’s a pretty cool prize attached to this category, but to be honest I am just thrilled to get this far.  Thank you all!!  If you want to check out the other finalists and vote for your favorites for People’s Choice, you can see the list of each finalist at the Equestrian Social Media Awards headquarters.

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