Simon Plays Dressage

Simon Plays Dressage

It’s been a busy time here in Austin with horse shows galore (and more coming up!) so I was happy to have a free morning where Jen of Wyvern Oaks and I could head to the barn together. Even though she’s been around Simon and heard quite a lot about Simon, she’s never actually ridden him.  It was time for that to change!  Plus, since she’s been rocking the dressage lately we took this as an opportunity to dress Simon up and see what he could do.


Even though I do prefer a nice brown fancy stitch bridle above all else, I had to admit he looked pretty good all dressed up in Jen’s snazzy tack.  Side note – can you believe him and Paddy wear virtually the same bridle size?  Does this mean Simon is really a Haflinger in disguise?


After adjusting every thing and some pre-ride bribing, it was time to head to the ring.  I didn’t take a ton of video, but compiled some clips so y’all could see the fanciness!  It starts with a loose rein warmup trot, so if you want to skip right to “dressage Simon” skip to about 20 seconds in.

Jen was very complimentary of my nerd horse creature, which I loved hearing as his usually adoring Mommy.  Plus it’s always fun to see a good rider get on your horse, especially when she’s able to make him look so fancy!



After she rode and gave me her opinion on some of our issues (which was super helpful), I hopped on!  I have to admit I’ve only sat in a dressage saddle a handful of times, and even though my stirrups felt sooooooooooo long at first… I got used to it fairly quickly.  Although I will say that when I felt like I was sitting up, I was actually still way forward and way hunchy with my shoulders.  Will have to work on that!


With the new saddle and all the fine tuning, Simon didn’t feel as much like Simon but some fancy super trained horse all of a sudden!  It was really neat to feel, and gave me a lot of inspiration to step up the game with my flatwork.

Even though we won’t be switching disciplines anytime soon, I do believe that all riding can benefit from dressage and I hope to try and take my boy to a dressage schooling show this year.  As I joked on Saturday, we could learn to love this discipline if for some reason he had to be retired from jumping one day!


Gotta love some cross discipline training with a friend.  There are definitely worse ways to spend a Saturday 🙂

26 thoughts on “Simon Plays Dressage

  1. He looks great!!

    I also think dressage has it’s place in every discipline, and it’s so nice to hear you say so too! Would love to see you guys do a schooling dressage show- that would be too cool!

  2. Thanks so much for letting me ride him – he was super awesome! We definitely need to get him to a dressage show sometime in the near future. 🙂

  3. That’s a good looking dressage horse you might say 😉

    Very nice, from the honest to goodness dressage queen herself!

  4. He looks so cool! I had a similar experience dabbling in dressage with my TB years ago. He moved in a typical hunter frame and I’ll never forget we had a German clinician in town and he hopped on and rode around. I almost fell over. My horse looked TOTALLY different–beautiful arched neck and head on the vertical, really moving forward with purpose. I took pictures and am so glad I still have them because it was a momentous occasion.

    By the way, we did go to one dressage schooling show. It was a complete failure (I stayed on and there was no bucking or rearing, so I guess it was okay). He was obsessed with the judges in the stand and kept wanting to check them out. I’m sure I forgot part of the test. At any rate, I had the perfect excuse, “This is our first time. We’ve only done hunter shows before.” I literally told the judges that. Now as I type this. I think he whinnied in the middle of the test. I’m sure you’ll do better than I did. I say, “Go for it!”

  5. What a cutie he is. Dressage is just flatwork in a designated ring, it doesn’t have to be called “dressage” unless you are actually showing! LOL Good flatwork is important for all…I’m sure Simon will enjoy this new found passion for this.

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