Product Review – Horze Nylon Halter & Lead

Product Review – Horze Nylon Halter & Lead

I think a staple in every horse owner’s tack trunk is a good nylon halter.  They’re durable, easy to clean and a good one will last forever.  As nylon halters go, I look for something that fits well, is durable and can adjust to my horse’s face.  This padded Nylon halter from Horze does all of these things!


Let’s be honest – this is a nylon halter.  It’s not reinventing the wheel or changing the course the universe – it’s an object to control your horse while you lead it from one place to another.  That being said, I like it.  Simon is a smallish full size, and the halter fits him accordingly.  I had it up on near the highest hole on both the adjustments, so if you are in-between sizes I would size down instead of up.


The halter adjusts on the cheek and around the nose, which is nice because not all halters adjust by the chin and that’s important to me to get a good fit.


Another nice detail is the padding underneath the crown piece and the nose band.  It’s a fairly thick black (black on all color options) velvet fabric that I think would help a horse with very sensitive skin.


The Horze padded Nylon Halter is available in several different colors.  I choose black, which looks sharp with the brass trim, but if you like more adventurous colors they also have yellow, light blue and several other fun options.

With my nylon halter, I got the Horze Hamptons lead in black to match.  One thing I love about this lead is the quick release clasp.  I feel like these are harder and harder to find lately, but it’s my favorite kind of release for any kind of lead rope.


So the clasp is really nice on the Hamptons lead rope and the colors are sharp, but I felt like it was a bit thinner than I would have liked for $10.95.  Certainly not a bad lead rope and not about to break in two, but thinner in my hand than I usually like.


Overall, I think the halter is a great option if you don’t need a leather quick release strap.  At $19.95 the Horze padded Nylon Halter is a great value for the money in my opinion.  Most nylon halters were closer to $25 the last time I was in Dover, and the little extra details on this halter are nice.  Just remember it runs a little large.

Do you prefer nylon halters or leather when it comes to every day barn use?

13 thoughts on “Product Review – Horze Nylon Halter & Lead

  1. i appreciate an appropriately fitted halter such as the way you fit this one on simon! (halter nosebands around the nostrils are a giant pet peeve of mine.) thanks for the review!

  2. I love leather halters. Even my mini was one 🙂 Then I got a baby who didn’t cross tie and I lost 3 leather halters in a week. I then bought him a nylon break away halter from Smart Pak and hate it. The buckles are tarnishing and it’s just crap. Before I totally give up on nylon halter I will have to try this one! Thanks for doing the review!!

    1. I too have lost a leather halter recently, only it was a giant 8 y/o ‘baby’ that has no excuses to be breaking halters ! That’s why he’s living in this nice nylon one for a while 🙂

  3. Great review! If I didn’t already own 5 halters for one pony, I’d be getting it in every shade of blue! I love the adjustment around the nose as well – for people with in-between sized horses that’s essential.

  4. Adjustable chin straps are key. Personally I am a leather halter all the way girl but I have seen way too many nylon halters that don’t have a breakaway feature and I think that is asking for an accident. Just my personal experience though.

    Looks like a well fitting halter for Simon.

  5. omg, nylon halters all the way! After Gina destroyed 3 different breakaway halters (and a number of lead ropes) during her “I forgot how to tie” phase, I switched to all nylon, all the time.

  6. Great review, and I especially like your model 😉
    I’m a leather halter person, but this halter has great features – never head of padded noseband on nylon halter before!

  7. For every day, I like nylon. At our barn they hang halters at the gates when horses are turned out and I think nylon just does better in the rain and cold and sun and heat etc. If I decide to replace the lovely leather one that Dee trashed last winter, it will be reserved for looking pretty at horse shows.

  8. thanks for the review. i’m always hesitant about halters without breakaway straps… but you can’t argue with the durability. Isabel’s halter doesn’t fit her AT ALL, tho i’m not sure if it’s kosher for me to replace it seeing as i don’t, ya know, actually own her…

  9. Nice review! I am a nylon halter person but trailer only in leather halters. My horses aren’t ever in a halter unless I am actually doing something with them though which makes a difference IMO. Leather is nice for breakaways however it also allows bad habits to develop. I also had the App go through a “I don’t know how to tie” phase, 4 halters later I moved to nylon and never went back.

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