Product Review – Horze Crescendo Orion Combi Wraps

Product Review – Horze Crescendo Orion Combi Wraps

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a product review, but with things returning to more normalcy around here I would expect to see more of them in the future. Today I’m back with a new product from Horze.

While I will be the first to admit that I’m not a huge polo wrap fan, I thought the design of the Horze Crescendo Orion Combi wraps might change my mind. It’s not that I hate polo wraps, but I’m generally lazy as all get out when it comes to tacking up. The fewer straps and wraps and things I have to buckle – the better. I mean, I barely ever school in my standing martingale anymore… ain’t nobody got time for that.

Still, I was intrigued by these polos. They are a combination of fleece and elastic that I haven’t seen before.

You can see the outer elastic and inner fleece
You can see the outer elastic and inner fleece

On the outside, these polos put together a professional presentation for the jumper ring. I ordered the Midnight Blue (which they don’t seem to have in stock right now), but Horze offers other less traditional colors for the adventurous people out there. The finishing details of these elastic polo wraps have fine silver piping and a silver seal. Note – the stock photos on Horze are slightly different from what I got. They show a silver tag sewn on, but mine have a hard plastic medallion with a clear plastic color. I think mine are nicer, but they’re a tad flashy for my tastes.

Fancy fittings for polo wraps
Fancy fittings for polo wraps

The polos are about 80% thin fleece and 20% elastic. They meet together in a well sewn seam that isn’t too thick.

Where stretch meets soft
Where stretch meets soft

The elastic part is really stretchy. It could probably stretch triple its original length. When I put these polos on, I felt they were very long for Simon. Maybe if you had a giant Warmblood you’d need the full length, but I imagine many people will want to cut them down some. My first wrap attempt looked okay to me, but my barn mate said it was a fail.

Why can't I wrap properly?
Why can’t I wrap properly?

She redid them for me, and the wraps did look better.

During my ride they stayed tight and just how I she did them. The outer elastic parts make it easy to get a very snug wrap on your horse, which is nice.

Much better!
Much better!

At $30, I think these are nice wraps for showing if you like polo wraps to begin with. If I was picking out matching accessories for jumperland or something snazzy for a clinic, these would be a good choice. They look and fit a lot better than cheap polo wraps I’ve used in the past. For me, they didn’t sway me so much that I would abandon my Equifits for them. If you want to get yourself some fancy elastic wraps, you can pick up the Crescendo Orion Combo wraps at

What about y’all – are you team boot or team wrap?

22 thoughts on “Product Review – Horze Crescendo Orion Combi Wraps

  1. I spotted these in the photos on your last post and I was going to message you to see how you like them. I’ve been eyeing them in light blue for lessons and I keep putting it off since it’s not exactly a “necessity” purchase. They look cute though!

  2. I like the look of these, especially the green ones, but $30 is way more than I’m willing to dish out on something like polos.

  3. I’m not a huge fan of polo wraps anymore. I use to be but now a days I prefer boots! They are quick, come in cute as heck patterns and I like the support/protection they provide.

    My first thought regarding these polo’s is if they are very stretchy, will too many people put them on too tight? I already see many people not wrapping their horses legs correctly and would hate to think now that, not only will they be wrapped wrong but too tight as well.

    What are your thoughts on that since you’ve used them and can tell if that would be an issue or not?

    1. The fleece part of these is not TOO stretchy. It has the normal amount of polo stretch. If you leave the polos at their current length, it would be hard to get the elastic part too tight because there’s a lot of fleece layers underneath it. If someone were to cut them way down, it might be possible to over tighten.

  4. Polo wraps. So pretty. Such a PITA. Paddy says you should come play dress-up with him so he can look all cute and stuff.

  5. I like using wraps for flatting, as boots can give my guys rubs if I overuse them. Although I like regular polo wraps, my favorites are the equifit wraps. They are awesome! You do need to be careful with them, as they are easy to make too tight, but they are hands down my favorite wraps.

  6. I love polos when I have the ambition for them. Which is almost never. BUT I do have a pair of white polos with the elastic like these, and I quite like them! I am just not great at wrapping them.

  7. I love polo wraps, although I hate the work of putting them on. My Back on Tracks are my personal fav. That being said I would NEVER use them for jumping or galloping.

    I know someone who had one come undone during a gallop and get caught up in it. Luckily, the horse and rider ended up okay, but seriously scary. While it never would have occurred to me to use polos to jump or gallop in before, now I really never would have with a risk like that. I cannot image what would happen if the fleece/elastic gets caught on a wood pole. But that is just me.

  8. So I actually have a pair of wraps similar to these that I bought more years ago than I care to admit… I got them on ebay from some tack shop in Europe because they were my college colors and I wanted them for the alumni class. I LOVE them, but was hoping to find a pair less crazy (mine are hunter with gold stripes). I was dragging my feet ordering these Horze wraps in the midnight green, and now they’re discontinued. Sad face.
    Thanks for sharing though, sounds like they’re good quality!

  9. I was a Team Polo Wraps girl for decades. Why? Because that’s what my trainer used. When I got Knight I switched to boots, and thought, “Why hasn’t anyone ever told me how easy this is before?” No wrapping and washing and getting them tangled, etc. I’ve converted.

    By the way, embrace the flash, Lauren. Embrace the flash.

  10. Now that my mare will wear dressage boots, we use those for schooling. We used to use polo wraps, but had to order pony size for her, or else I ended up cutting them in half. She still says no to open front jumping boots, though.

  11. I am the exact opposite. I love polos way more than boots. Although that could be because no matter what I do the equifit boots I splurged on slip down Tuckers legs. I’ve never heard of these combi elastic fleece wraps. I like the look of them.

  12. I keep reading the title as “Onion Combi Wraps” and now I am hungry. Thankfully I don’t really have a need for polos as I have only found one pair that was long enough to wrap around Sydney’s tree trunk legs!

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