A Year of Pascale

A Year of Pascale

Last year I had puppy fever in the worst way.  I needed another dog like a whole in my head… but I needed a puppy.  We casually looked at a few for adoption, but decided it wasn’t a great time.  I tried to put my puppy fever in a box and close it, but then my trainer put this photo on facebook.


I melted.

Even though I wanted this puppy, I knew I didn’t need a puppy so I told my trainer to go ahead and find someone else to take her.  An ad was put on Craigslist, and several people contacted and then flaked out last minute.  When I went to the barn tonight, the puppy was still there.


She was skin and bones with a huge wormy belly.  She flopped around the barn and happily waddled up to me, but slept under the bench where she decided it was safe.  I called my husband and suggested a 48 hour trial period, and if he didn’t want to keep her we would just find her a new home.


Yeah, she stayed.  We named her Pascale and she became my little shadow.


A lot of dog drama has happened this year in my house, but I don’t regret rescuing Pascale for a second.  I love Eliot and always thought he was my one and only heart dog, but as his personality began to shift and become more aloof/aggressive in his old age Pascale was right there to give me a kiss and a cuddle.


She has the most open personality, and has never met someone or something that she didn’t want to be friends with.


I love this goofy, goofy dog and am looking forward to many more years with her.


Sometimes the puppy you don’t need is the best decision you could make.

P.S. I’m at the LOPE Benefit show today and will have some kind of hopefully good update for y’all on Monday.  In the meantime, check out my She Moved to Texas instagram for updates!

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