Window Shopping

Window Shopping

One of the coping mechanisms I have not been doing is any retail therapy. For two reasons:

  • I already met my retail therapy limit for 2015
  • I’m going to Europe in a month and am in an aggressive ‘no spending’ zone

Neither of these bullet points stops me from wanting pretty things though! Instead of blowing my entire vacation budget on tack and clothing, I decided to do some window shopping.


For me, it’s mostly about breeches. I’m down to two pair of breeches that I like, and one pair of breeches that I kinda like. My only tan show pair is a little worse for the wear after two years of a lot of wear… so it’s time to add to the collection. I’m living the vintage feel of the tan patch Tailored Sportsmans, and also think I could use a more conservative charcoal grey for both showing and schooling jumpers.

I need a new schooling helmet, since mine is not vented and that doesn’t tend to do well in Texas. As for sun shirts… can you ever really have too many sun shirts? No. No, you cannot.


Simon’s “needs” are totally fluffy, but it’s always fun to ponder what new things you may want to pick up for the pony. I haven’t abandoned my dressage ambitions, so obviously he would need a pretty patent bridle. Wide noseband is his look so I’ve decided.

I’d also like to pick up a better girth than my $20 fleece SmartPak one. He probably doesn’t need a breastplate… but I also kind of want one. Sue me. I like straps!

Probably the most “need” of this window shopping list is an Ogilvy baby pad for showing. I still want to get one in my barn’s colors so I can represent.

What are you pining for, but not buying right now, for you or your pony?

36 thoughts on “Window Shopping

        1. So I went and looked… Luckily was spared that the TS that are on sale fit me funny and cause awkward appearance. Buying things you intended to buy anyways when they are on sales a win in my book!

  1. Who makes that shirt? I saw a girl in the George Morris clinic at Boyd’s wearing it (I think) and I was in love!

  2. A sunshirt. New breeches. Spur belt. Tall boots that actually fit. A saddle that actually fits us both. A fleeceworks or Ogilvy halfpad (or both). A trailer.

    So much stuffs, so limited monies. Le sigh.

  3. PS of Sweden High Jump Revolution bridle. They keep selling out! I bought a Micklem instead to give it a try and a Kastel sun shirt because it was on sale and because I was bummed that my show was rained out( and because immediately after pouring the temps went up to the 90s). I may or may not have also retail therapied on the pink Dressage Sport Boots for Chloe. They were on sale too. Justify spending money on all the things!

    I have, however, restrained myself from buying the hot pink Tuff Rider breeches…I decided those will be my reward for when I get down to my goal weight. Also on the list of wants are the Equine Coutoure Coolmax breeches for showing.

  4. I am about to start helmet shopping. …
    I have that eis shirt–had a great coupon from a tack store so got a really good price, plus sun shirts are more economical than skin cancer. Do it for your health!

  5. Man, I need a new schooling helmet. I’ve been riding in my show helmet since I whacked my head at the hunter pace last fall and I’m super paranoid I’ll ruin it.

    I also need to find a sunshirt that I don’t hate. I bought an inexpensive Ovation one and it’s terrible.

    And of course, Moe needs both a dressage bridle and a new jumping bridle as we make our triumphant return to eventing.

    And a horse trailer, yeah, I definitely need that.


  6. I’m saving my pennies too. We’re heading down to Florida at the end of the month and I want to hit up all the tack stores. You guys have way better deals (most of the time) and more selection down there. My shopping list consists of ovation breeches, a nicer bridle, a nice but cheap leather halter (that Tuck will most likely destroy), vetrolin liniment (can’t get it up here anymore) and tall boots for schooling (that will fit my HUGE calf).

  7. I def need a new schooling helmet, my OneK isn’t exactly made for hot summer days. I’m eyeballing the Uvex helmets as I’ve heard from others that they’re super light weight and have good venting. I actually have that EIS shirt, the jade and navy one. I really like the color and matches my navy breeches. 🙂

  8. I’ve recently purchased all of the things… I got a Samshield and my Parlanti’s at WEF this winter. Thus my budget is now zero. I love those green TS though…
    The horses are pretty well outfitted at the moment. I’m sure after this weekend (our first show of the year, finally!) I may discover all of the other things we don’t have and/or have broken.

  9. I’ve been on ebay again… picked up a navy grand prix hunt coat for $35 shipped… I’ve been riding all chestnuts lately so I needed it, you know?!

  10. I’m window shopping in a big way. For a pony. Err. Well. Horse. That all important first horse for both my daughter and I. So it’s a big window shopping adventure, until the Right Horse comes along!

    Oh. And yes. Window shopping for All The Gear too 😉 Smartpak is my friend! But not my wallet’s.

  11. From someone who owns more than 20 pairs of breeches, I declare that you are woefully under clothed and your purchase of a new pair was beyond any sort of reproach. The rest of the stuff can wait. And since I am writing this from PORTUGAL, I know how important it is to save pennies. The breeches were still a must.

  12. Oh lord those tan patch breeches. I extra want the green and tan. And probably also the navy in tan. Yeah, both sounds good. Definitely All Of The Sunshirts, and a spur belt would make me super happy. First on the list though is a new pair of tall boots- mine have served their purpose well, but I’m in desperate need of an upgrade. Tack-wise, I just want to start a monster collection of saddle pads. Owner Lady keeps us decked out in all the other tack we need 🙂

  13. I’ve been thinking about a show coat and tall boots. Because the schooling show I’m going to doesn’t require anything other than long pants and heeled shoes, I definitely don’t need these things, but I want them. But I also legitimately need some endurance gear, so it’s hard to justify the show clothes when I already need to spend so much.

  14. Since I’m working on barn updates this year instead of showing, there isn’t a lot I can justify purchasing right now. I do want/need a blingy western headstall to show pleasure in, but not too blingy. Western tack gets tacky super easily and makes not buying things easy sometimes. haha.

  15. The worst part about window shopping for me is when I have money to burn I can’t find anything! When I don’t have a dime all the big sales happen and I can’t resist a deal.

  16. I have 2 pairs of charcoal grey breeches and I adore them! Different brand from these, but needless to say I love those too!

    Ogilvy pads are at the top of my list too! Who DOESN’T need one?! Or five >.>;;

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