Offered for Sale

Offered for Sale

2006 16.2hh Thoroughbred Gelding.  Can play in all three rings.  Lots of miles in the local hunter/jumper circuits in 2’6″ hunters and jumpers.  Schools 3′ at home when owner is not terrified.  Cute jump.


Very expressive hunter on course.  Lots of brilliance.


Auto half changes.


Clips/loads/excellent ground manners.  Ties occasionally.

Hunter derby scores in the low 60’s.  As honest as the day is long.


Can take a joke.


Excellent flat work foundation.  Schooling second level dressage movements at home.  Has yet to show in any dressage events.


Great on trails and around the barn.  Rides well bareback if you’re not concerned about reproductive fertility.


Sound with some maintenance.  Vets are always impressed how well he goes around after they look at the x-rays.

Priced in the low five figures.  Please contact owner for more information.

36 thoughts on “Offered for Sale

  1. HA! I listed Tucker for sale one year, totally had everyone fooled until they got to his price: $1,000,000.00 OBO. This was HILARIOUS – Thank you for the morning laugh!!!

  2. please say this is an april’s fools joke. the bit about not showing and the frowny face make me nervous! i was excited to have exactly 2 friends at shows instead of just one….

  3. This is amazing, I SO LOL’ed at the reproductive fertility bit! I should not read this blog at work LOL! 🙂

  4. OMG you almost gave me a heart attack!
    And then I remembered the date.
    You win! You win it at April Fool’s!
    Now I’m going to go sit down somewhere and try to get my heart rate down again…lol

  5. Geesh, and Happy April Fools Day. If the pictures hadn’t gotten funny, I may have not remembered the date in my pre-caffeinated state.

  6. What I wanted to say on this post (when my phone wouldn’t let me move the digit to the phone in Captcha) was that when I first saw the title of this post I thought, “Oh no!” And wondered if you had an illness or lost a job. Then I actually realized like two sentences in that it was an awesome April Fools.

  7. The bareback comment had me in stitches. Also true for Harley. We have withers!

    I think you need to ask at least $999, 999 for Simon-pants.

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