Elvis Turns 20

Elvis Turns 20

I talk a lot on this blog about Elvis, because more than any other horse he has shaped how I am as a rider and a person today. I owned him from high school through graduating from college, and sold him to a friend in a semi-retirement situation after college to pursue a nicer show horse… a nicer show horse that I ended up hating.

Parts of me still regret selling Elvis, but in the end I do think it was better for the horse. I wanted to them (and still want to) do hunter/jumpers, and even though Elvis did everything under the sun for me (fox hunting, western, halter, walk/trot games with little kids, etc) competing at the C level in hunters is just never going to be him.


So now he’s an old man, and has a wonderful family. He’s owned by a mom with two eventing/pony club daughters, and Elvis is her horse and the occasional stand in for low level pony club events when the Thoroughbred is too hot to be safe for a kid. He’s trust worthy and sturdy, and better yet he has an owner that cares for his well being. They do hunter paces, Horsemasters (not sure what this is?) clinics, and seem to enjoy each other a lot. It’s the perfect low pressure, steady eddy job for him.

This won’t be the last time Elvis is featured on this blog. I still love him, and have about a million stories that involve him. Also, I miss him and even though he’s in a great home bringing him up around here makes me feel warm and fuzzy. He’ll always be my first and probably most important heart horse.


16 thoughts on “Elvis Turns 20

  1. Happy birthday, Elvis! He’s a cool horse. I don’t have his cousin Junior anymore, either. Well, my mama just took him back, so I can see him any time I want, but he’s not at my house anymore. They come from good bloodlines! ( :

    1. Thanks. I took these pictures of him before i moved to MA because I had an irrational fear that he would die while I was gone and I wouldn’t be able to say goodbye, ha.

  2. He is a real beauty. Happy belated birthday to him!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog – I am hoping you will be able to participate in Horse Wednesday in coming weeks!

  3. He is fab, lucky you to have had him in your life and his new owners are just as lucky to have been able to buy him from you.
    From what you have said above I can completely understand why he is a heart horse!
    Belated Happy birthday wishes from me and I hope he has many more happy years to share with his new carers& memories to make!

  4. Yay Elvis!!!! I remember his cute self from those college days 🙂 And Horsemasters is AWESOME!!!! It’s basically Pony Club for adults- you can participate in the rallies, regional clinics, monthly mounted meetings, etc. Plus the Eno Triangle Horsemasters program (Raleigh/Chapel Hill area) is run by one of the best people in the world- Susan P.

    So glad I stumbled upon your blog from some stranger’s blog… Loving your new guy Simon!

  5. I know this is an old post, but I just found your blog and I have to say he is gorgeous! Also I wanted to ask how you did those pictures?? They are amazing! Did you edit them after you took them for the black background or is there some trick I don’t know about? I would love to know how to do that. Thank you in advance for any tips you can offer!

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