Equestrian Blogs You Should Be Reading if You Aren’t

Equestrian Blogs You Should Be Reading if You Aren’t

Cross promoting in our little equestrian blog community is the theme this week! Viva Carlos and Equestrian at Hart both produced excellent lists of blogs this week, of which I found some new reads that I really like.  Though I’ve only been exclusively equestrian blogging for a short period of time, I’ve been reading and blogging for years.  This list has been a long time coming, and I hope you find some new reads on here!


Most Inspirational – Viva Carlos
I’ve been stalking reading L. William’s blog, Viva Carlos longer than I think she knows! Her posts are short, constant and positive. No matter what challenge or obstacle she faces, she always keeps her horse’s best interests in mind and never succumbs to whining or making excuses (something I’m good at). When I read her blog, I find myself wanting to be a better equestrian.

Best Adventures with a Baby Horse Blog – Equestrian at Hart
Hillary from Equestrian at Hart has a super cute baby warmblood and a great blog to match. She does a lot of things I wish I could do right now – buy lots of tack and go to lots of events with Houston, her young horse. The blog is updated often with her adventures, tons of pictures, and her goals. She works hard, has a great attitude, and I find myself cheering her on with every new show or challenge.

Something for Everyone Award – Matt the Cowpony
Matt of Matt the Cowpony may be the coolest horse I’ve ever seen. He competes in cow horse events at the world level, is working towards his goal of Silver medal in dressage and has also dabbled/won in distance trail events. AQHA should put a bronze statue of him outside of the office, seriously. I love his sweet faces and reading about all the different stuff they do.

Local Favorite – Wyvern Oaks
Jen from Wyvern Oaks is smart, funny and a well rounded equestrian. She trains for eventing, jousts, fox hunts and is getting a smancy amazing OTTB this weekend. Wyvern Oaks is also not so far from She Moved to Texas central, and I hope to go meet the big boy in person soon! Her blog posts are well thought out and both entertaining and educational.

This Blog May Appear Smaller in Real Life – Braymere Custom Saddlery
I discovered Jennifer from my model horse showing days, but even though I no longer obsess over plastic ponies her blog Braymere Custom Saddlery still is on my daily read list. She is an amazing miniature tack maker, but more than that she has tons of real life horse experience and writes educational posts for the model horse show and the horse lover alike. Plus her pictures are amazing… so really you just need to check her out.

Hunter/Jumper Princess Award – Party Down and Dairy of a Hunter Princess
For my hunter/jumper favorite, I just couldn’t narrow it down between Party Down and Diary of a Hunter Princess. They both have amazing hunter mares. They both write good posts often. And they both post lots of pictures of their adorable creatures!

I Want to be this Blogger When I Grow Up – Horse Country Chic
Fellow NC native Ann from Horse Country Chic doesn’t know that every time I read her blog, I want to be in her shoes one day. She competes hunter/jumpers in Virginia with beautiful horses, has her own beautiful farm, has amazing taste in preppy southern style, and she needlepoints equestrian items. Basically, I want to be her please. This is a great blog to read about fashion, home design, and other historical elements of living an equestrian lifestyle.

Best Technical Read – Bakersfield Dressage
Karen of Bakersfield Dressage is a patient, thoughtful rider and you can tell she is also a patient, thoughtful equestrian. She has switched to dressage after years of endurance riding, and she writes the most detailed blog posts about her path to dressage excellence on her Arabian and OTTB. Definitely a great read for someone who loves the nitty gritty of balance, contact and proper impulsion.

Humor High Five – Tales From a Bad Eventer
OMG. Tales From a Bad Eventer. That is all. Go read them all… now.

I know I didn’t get everyone, but this list will surely grow as I continue to discover and read more equestrian blogs.  What are some of your favorite reads?

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  1. Aw, thanks for mentioning my blog! I’ll have to check out some of the other ones – thanks for the recommendations!

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