For Lease

For Lease

I’m still paused, but today I did this…

Point and shoot low jumper for lease. Simon is a 16.2hh 10 y/o Thoroughbred eligible for Take 2. Tons of miles in the 2’6″-2’9″ jumper and hunter rings, and schooled at home up to 3’3″.

Simon is uncomplicated, amateur friendly and LOVES his job. Puppy dog personality with no spook, buck, bolt or stop. Honest as the day is long. Well schooled on the flat (my 2nd level dressage rider friend says he’s a dream) and has been out cross country once. Simon can pull off a catty jumper course one day, and the next hack bridleless in the field.

Best suited for the jumper ring, and is up for lease only because his chicken mother prefers hunters. Care lease available if he stays at Scattered Oaks Farm outside Austin, TX. Otherwise year lease fee in the low four figures. Flexible terms to the right situation. Horse’s happiness is #1 priority.

If you know anyone looking for a best buddy that can inspire their confidence, let me know. Simon taught me how to horse show, how to be patient and how to be brave. My hope is he can do that for someone else for a bit, while still being under my protective eye.

I’m serious about the “flexible terms to the right situation part.” His happiness is the most important thing, because he’s been so good to me. There’s no such thing as a bad idea so long as he likes it, is not in any harm and I can still keep tabs on him.

20 thoughts on “For Lease

  1. Great ad. I hope you find the perfect lease situation for Simon. Hope you are well. You are missed.

  2. I wish I lived closer to you! I need a confidence builder for a little bit. Having greenies and Jamp is taking a toll on me.
    Nerd horse is such a great guy, I’m confident you’ll find the right situation soon!

  3. I wish I was closer! Nerd horse is pretty much what I’m looking for. Especially if he could learn to love cross country!

  4. he is a very special horse and will undoubtedly have loads to offer to the right person. good luck finding the right situation!

  5. Drat. If only you were in Ft Worth, I’d be 100% interested. Lease fee + board puts my budget over the edge, unfortunately. There are so many riders around Austin, though, I know you’ll find a great lessee!

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