Day 11 – Find a Horse for Sale Online That You Would Want to Buy

Day 11 – Find a Horse for Sale Online That You Would Want to Buy

Trekked out to the barn in what we Austinites call miserable weather (high 30’s, ahhh!) to check on Simon pants.  He jogged out much sounder, but still NQR.  I had asked one of the teenagers at the barn to cold hose him twice before I got there, but my trainer didn’t notice any swelling in his hock so told her no to cold hose it… sigh.

Ghetto Horse Care 101

The hock was still a little puffy and warm, but not as bad as the night before.  Since they had already turned the water off to avoid the pipes freezing, I had to do the best I could with cold hosing – which I will call ghetto horse care 101.  Sometimes when you have no running water for which to cold hose with… you wrap a watery liniment soaked towel around your horse’s hock.  If it’s under 40 degrees and you are patient, this will reduce swelling.  Win.

I’m going to check on him tonight and anticipate it will be better.  May do some hand walking and will probably do one more night of stall rest, and try to get back to a normalish routine on Saturday if all things go well because unlike the subject of this 30 day challenge post – I can only afford my one and only nerdy horse 🙂

Full Disclaimer: My OTTB love is mostly for Simon himself, and deep down in my horsey heart of hearts I am pretty much a Warmblood person.  Ok, now that that confession is over I can move on to the lovely creature below.  Since having a 2nd horse at all is not even a remote possibility for me right now, I decided to dream big here…. 6 figure big.


This horse, Gratitude for sale at Hunter Jumper Exchange, hits all the marks I would be looking for if I was seriously shopping for a horse of this caliber.  Show record?  Check.  Ammy friendly?  Check.  Chrome?  Check.  And yes, chrome and markings in general don’t make a good horse but by golly I sure do think they help.  I also like to read things in a sales description that include “can take a joke”, because boy do I have  a sense of humor sometimes.


Really, if I were a richer person in a few years I would love to scoop up a horse like this on a lease.  We will forget for the moment that the year lease on him would probably be worth more than my car (which I am still paying for).  Show experience and confidence are two things I lack.  Wouldn’t it be nice to just have to sit there and concentrate on my position and looking attractive in my shadbelly?

Good thing I also have a horse that can “take a joke”.  We have lots of hard work ahead of us… which will give me more than enough time to save up for my hunter derby campaign year 🙂

5 thoughts on “Day 11 – Find a Horse for Sale Online That You Would Want to Buy

  1. Thanks so much for your comment about Wizard! He does have a cute face… it gets him into a lot of trouble! Or, maybe I should say, out of it, since he’s too cute to be mad at 🙂

    I hope your horse heals up quick! That doesn’t look fun at all..

    Gratitude is beautiful though! I had dreamed my next horse would be dark and chromey… Instead I got a brown bay with three tiny socks and no white on his face ha. Oh well, he makes up for it in spirit 🙂

  2. Ya know … I think I would have a hard time spending $50,000 on a horse even if I had the 50 grand to spend. I think it is insane that people can spend more money on a horse than many families make in a whole year (so says the girl who spent $20,000 showing and caring for her two horses this past year). If I had big bucks, I am not sure what my ceiling price would be, but I sure hope it would closer to four figures than five! But maybe this is all just sour grapes speaking. :0)

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