Ariat Breeches Review

Ariat Breeches Review

I recently received some Ariat breeches to review, which is pretty much as exciting as it sounds.  Breeches!  In the mail!  It’s like Christmas!

My childlike enthusiasm aside, I was genuinely curious about these because traditionally I have not been an Ariat breeches wearer.  Nothing against  the brand (love many other Ariat products), but I have hips and a butt and have had fit issues in the past with their breeches.

One quick aside, I would usually post photos of me riding/wearing the breeches but the weather has been crap, my horse has been NQR, and I won’t have someone to take pictures for a while. I’m going to use Ariat’s pretty photos instead and tell ya like it is (at least in my opinion)!

I tried the Performer Euroseat in Mid-Rise navy first.


Call me old fashioned, but I love a true mid-rise breech. If you do as well, then these are for you! I loved the rise on them. Ask for mid, and ye receive! I would say it’s a more true “mid” than current TS breeches advertised as mid.

The fabric is quite stretchy, but there is less room for hips & butt in these breeches than my TS’s. They still fit well, but if you like a more generous cut you may want to size up if you’re on the fence of which to order.

They have a stretchy calf (no velcro, yay!) that was really comfortable.

Even though the breeches were a tad tight on me, I felt like the color (navy) and fabric were very flattering. It’s probably not quite as thin as my TS breeches, but the price point is considerably lower. I did feel like these breeches were much more flattering on me than my TS breeches with a similar rise and same seat.

They are very stylish with room for a thick belt, euro-seat and zipper pockets. If you want super functional pockets, these might not be your favorite breeches. The zipper is very tucked away, which makes for a very flattering, streamlined look but a bit hard to get in and out.

Overall, loved these. Would definitely pick up another pair and they are most certainly nice enough for the show ring. At $119.95 from Ariat they are pretty budget friendly for a nice pair of breeches.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I tried the denim breech.


True story – I have been scared of denim breeches for a long time. I had a pair as a kid and they were so thick and so unflattering. They were terrifying. Even thirteen year old Lauren didn’t want to wear them, and believe me I was no fashionista.

Well I am quite happy to say that the Ariat denim breech has completely eased my fears of denim breeches. They are fantastic!

Rise wise, they say low rise and they mean it. It’s probably a little too low for me at the moment, but I’m also super old fashioned. If you love low rise breeches, you’ll be happy.

One of the reasons I thought I hated denim breeches was that I kept remembering really stiff fabric. No fear though, these Ariat denim breeches are butter soft. I mean “I want to rub these breeches on my face” soft. These breeches are so comfy I could sleep in them soft. Seriously. They also have a stretchy calf that is again, comfortable.

Plus, look how cute the back pockets are!!!


Size wise, if you have hips/butt like me you may want to order a size up. These are going to be a lot happier on my hips a month into my weight loss program than they are now, but I adore them and they’re super motivating because they are really nice and will be perfect in warmer weather!

If you’ve been scared of denim breeches as I have, fear not and pick these up. So long as you’re a fan of low rise breeches, I don’t think you’ll regret it! At $109.95 from Ariat they’re a bit of a splurge, but nice enough to merit the price point in my opinion.

18 thoughts on “Ariat Breeches Review

  1. Oooh good to know about the denim breeches. I’ve been wanting a pair for a while but wasn’t sure what brand to go with. These are now on the list!!

  2. I got excited about those mid-rise breeches since they are cheaper than TS, but then I saw only front zip. I find front zip breeches always find a way to jab me with the metal piece at the waist! Did they happen to cover the interior piece of metal to fix that issue (TS doesn’t)?

  3. I have tried whichever style is the black with red trim Ariats and I couldn’t get them past my hips. 🙁 I ordered the denim pair you show above cuz they are just so cute and they are definitely low rise. I can BARELY get them buttoned in the largest size they make – which incidentally, I’m wearing 2 sizes smaller in Pipers by SmartPak. They are also VERY short and look like capris and I’m so short wear 16″ tall boots! However, I’ve kept them and I’m bound and determined to fit them so I don’t have a muffin top because they are soft and stretchy and I love the back pocket stitching. And the capri part isn’t a deal breaker. I do love Ariats, but I’m not sure their breeches are for me, overall.

    1. Yeah, that’s exactly why I ordered a pair in mid-rise. Mid-rise fits, just a little smaller than TS. The low rise is probably 1-2 size differences depending on how you’re made. I too am keeping them for motivation 🙂 Length wise I didn’t see a problem, but I did order longs.

  4. How did you get someone to send you breeches to try? Or who? Sounds like an awesome company to provide something like that.

    Thanks for the review. I loved my old pair of ariats (from HS) but I haven’t been as impressed with the pairs that I have tried or purchased since. Awkward fit for me. Maybe I’ll give them another try.

  5. Thanks for the review~ I have been wanting to try a pair of denim breeches! I’m glad you commented on the low rise… not a fan of low rise so will take that into account!

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