Product Review – Sox Trot

Product Review – Sox Trot

One of my favorite articles of equestrian clothing is a good boot sock. I blame the NCSU Equestrian team for this. When I went to my first IHSA show in the first pair of legit leather field boots I ever owned, my calves were aching underneath from the thick ski socks I was wearing underneath. As I walked around before and after my class, I noticed most other girls were wearing really colorful socks with Sperrys. My teammate Rebecca had tie-dye ones, and I asked her where she got them because Rebecca was the coolest and I wanted to be like Rebecca.

Back in the early 2000’s she advised me to order them from an online fancy men’s clothing store, and they were actually advertised as trouser socks. Now equestrian and apparel companies have caught on, and you can find boot socks in a plethora of places. Today I’m going to talk about Sox Trot‘s equestrian boot socks.

Sox Trot’s socks are pretty standard as far as the thin, nylon boot socks go. They have tons of fun colors and patterns. Most are not equestrian themed, but there are some specifically horsey designs like this “Spur of the Moment.”


Even though they have some equestrian designs, my favorites are the super bright patterns of flowers and paisley and dots. There are tons to choose from, and you can also pick up solid colors for a bit of a cost savings.

As far as thin, colorful boot socks go, the ones from Sox Trot are pretty standard. Stretchy fit. Tons of height. Fun designs. I took a few weeks before reviewing these, so I have worn them several times and thrown them in the washer. I tend to abuse my clothes, so I don’t hang the socks up to line dry. After washing (in cold water) and throwing in the dryer, the colors are just as bright as they were out of the package. That doesn’t mean I don’t think they’ll eventually fade (all socks I’ve ever bought like this do), but there was no immediate fading.

Good for porch lounging
Good for porch lounging

They also haven’t fell victim to the velcro on my Tailored Sportsman’s yet. That’s how all my boot socks eventually die – they get shredded from velcro and snags. So far these are holding up great. They may be a tad bit thicker than Zocks I’ve gotten in tack stores?

All in all, I like these socks. They’re $8.99 a pair at Sox Trot‘s website. If I saw them in a tack shop compared to other brands of tall socks, I’d probably pick these up. What about y’all – are you pro or anti thin boot socks like this?

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  1. I’m pretty sure my Zocks have nightmares about the the bottoms of my Tailoreds. If these are thicker, I will check them out! I only wear black, though. I always managed to have some wild pattern visible behind my knee because I am a shortie.

    1. LOL that’s the best username to comment with! I’ve been known to kill a single pair of Zocks in one ride from my Tailoreds. I rode/washed/rode again in about 5 pairs of these with no snags or tears so far. They come in solid black too I’m pretty sure!

  2. I was anti-thin boot sock until I experienced Fort Worth in the summer! This year I am ready and have packed up all my winter Oregon weather-ready socks and am stocking up on socks like these 🙂

  3. I love a good boot sock, especially in bright colors. I actually just picked up some last weekend from Horze and Noble Outfitters. I’m not 100% sold on the super thin nylon ones, but they definitely fit better under tall boots. I think I’m starting to lean towards the Over the Calf Peddies from Noble Outfitters; super cushy foot and ankle, and thin nylon calves. They also have some really adorable prints.

    1. I like those Peddies from Noble Outfitters as well, but have found their calf is too short for my leg. I’ve heard from others that the sizing seems a bit inconsistent, so maybe I got a weird one. The concept is amazing though.

      1. Mine were nice and long, so that’s definitely weird. They ARE a fairly new company, so it’s entirely possible that they haven’t yet gotten a consistent supplier. Everything of theirs I’ve tried so far, I’ve really liked. I think they’re going to be a pretty big contender for lower priced attire once they get all the bugs worked out.

  4. I am hard-core anti-thin boot socks. I hate them, no matter what brand. I find that they are too thin and don’t do anything. I love the Noble Outfitters Best Dang Boot Sock or the Over The Calf Peddies if I want something with a thinner calf. I just like the thicker foot.

  5. I am in LOVE with the Noble Outfitters Peddies socks… the think leg fits perfectly under boots, and the foot is cushioned and comfy. I usually wear athletic socks underneath thin boot socks, but the Peddies eliminate that need.

  6. I love TuffRider’s socks – they’re a cotton blend but very thin. I also wear my socks under my breeches to prevent bunching and have a more streamlined fit

  7. I used to be super into thin boot socks, but I got frustrated from destroying them! (Maybe I just have super gnarly and gross toenails or something.) I’m a big fan of SmartWool socks for both summer and winter. I get styles that are their “ultra light cushion” crew height- they’re thin enough that they don’t add bulk, but thick enough that they hold up. (I like the Margarita and Sulawesi styles!)

    1. If you like Smartwool, you might really like the coolmax socks from REI… I too wear wool year round! People seem to think I’m crazy (especially at bajillion dregree humid horse shows) but they keep my feet comfortable and dry. I’ll even double up wool/coolmax over a hiking liner sock (often coolmax as well) to cut down on friction if I’m tromping around in my slightly too-big country boots all day at a show.

  8. I have those spur of the moment socks! LOVE them! I switch between these and the noble peddies, just depends on my mood for the day.

    I found them in the most random of places, this little gift shop in the town where my parents live. Best find ever!

  9. I like the thin ones for summer, definitely! Most of my breeches don’t have velcro anymore, but I show in TS so those do. My biggest problem with the thin ones is zipping them into my boots… Oops. I love the pony pattern ones you have on up there!

  10. I’m with everyone else – I love the Noble Outfitters: cushy foot and thin over the calf. I find them on sale here and there. I am currently rotating through three pair, but I need a few others.

  11. I totally love bootsocks when putting on borderline too tight tall boots but am a giant weirdo and sometimes only ride in short no show (for tennis shoes) socks. Because I’m too lazy to pack extra socks. Yeah the front of my ankle gets stained black and sometimes I can get blister if I ride forever but that my story. My sock drawer is just a bottomless pit of death so I just grab the first two socks that make a pair

  12. Now I wanna try those Pedi socks, but otherwise I buy knee-high socks from Target or Ross. Seriously last and fun prints like BACON. Because yeah. I do wish they were padded in the sole area. I chopped a pair of athletic socks and wore them over boot socks when breaking in new boots.

  13. These are my absolute favorite boot sock. I’ve found them to be the best quality and fit for my tall&wide calf. I’ve got a few pairs that are 2+ years old (I wash in cold and hang to dry). Love them!

  14. My boot zipper ate one of my cool new Sox Trot and last night my Doberman ate another one.
    I guess the good news is that I will now have an unmatched pair of socks. . . my Asian-ish looking sock and my blue and white toile print can now become a pair.

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