Mountain Horse Richmond Field Boot Review

Mountain Horse Richmond Field Boot Review

I bit the bullet and got myself a pair of tall boots that retail for over $200.  I know, my budget is shocking with most people getting tall boots retailing for a lot more… but I’m poor.  Also, as previously discussed I have a stupid wide calf and I kind of hate tall boots in every imaginable way. Join me in my campaign to have half chaps acceptable in the hunters everyone!

No? Okay, fine. I’ll tell you about the boots I just got.

With my current calf width, there are really only 2 off the shelf options that will fit me – one being Fuller Fillies (a brand I despise wholly… a topic for another day) and one being Mountain Horse. Everyone I have talked to that has Mountain Horse boots loves them, so I decided they were worth at shot. I went for the Mountain Horse Richmond Field Boot and at $340 from SmartPak figured it would be decent quality.


The Pros

  • They are well made.
  • The leather is much softer than any tall boot I’ve ever had, especially the lining which is a light gray and soft to the touch instead of the thick tan I’ve always had.
  • Zippers are nice and thick. No dingy teeth or tiny pulls. I see these lasting much longer than my previous pairs.
  • They have an elastic panel that goes all the way from the top of your calf to your ankle. This has a good amount of stretch (I’d say almost 1″ and will help my legs that swell randomly sometimes.
  • Like all tall boots, they hurt to break in. However, these have been the easiest to immediately ride in and resulted in the fewest blisters so far… maybe that’s another plus of spending a little bit more.
  • The spanish cut top is very.. spanish? This is good for me, because I can’t get a pair of boots off the rack that are quite tall enough so it helps them look better.

The Cons

  • They’re just not very pretty. No fancy pull tab (although the Mountain Horse logo is subtle and doesn’t bother me). The soles are very thick and clunky. This is to accommodate their special rubber stirrup system… but I’m not planning on getting the special stirrups and I wish there was less rubber on the bottom of my foot.
  • There is a horizontal seam in the lining that goes all the way across your leg through a meatier part of your calf. It rubs a little on me, but that may just be because the boots are a tad bit tight still.
  • The elastic panel that runs down the leg is awesome for fitting, but not super easy no the eyes. There are 2 little strips of leather running down on top of the elastic vertically, probably to offer extra durability and grip in that area. This is a good idea, but if you’re someone that’s going to stretch the elastic out a bit it doesn’t look very streamline. Minor thing though.
  • If your legs are wide and you do stretch the elastic out, the pull tab seems to be closer to the front of your leg instead of directly on the side. Also minor.

Overall, I’m glad I purchased these.  If you need a wider calf like me and have trouble finding options, I would get them.  I measure higher than what the high width of this boot is listed at, and I can zip them up with breeches fairly easily and am using some stretching spray to get a little extra breathing room.

If you have normal calves and want a high quality boot that functions well and is built to last, I would also get these.

If you want hunter princess boots… I would pass on these.  I like them and I’m glad I got them, but they don’t leave me feeling like I’m ready to go to Devon.

19 thoughts on “Mountain Horse Richmond Field Boot Review

  1. The most expensive pair of boots I’ve ever bought is my $80 pair of Tuff Riders. Brand new. I am not impressed with your $300 “bargain”. 😉

    That said, my roomie in college rode in Mountain Horse boots and I always thought they looked fab.

  2. Mountain Horse boots were my first tall boots in High School, and ever since they are the only boots I have bought. They LAST. Like riding/walking/existing in them 5x/week for 4 years (I didn’t own half chaps till recently). I put a hole through the side of my last pair (thanks to my walking crooked) and that was why I replaced them- the zipper was intact. I understand that they can be a little clunky, looking at photos of riding in my last pair I admit that they were not the most beautiful things on earth, and I am much happier with the new Firenze model which IMHO is a bit sleeker. Anyways I hope you enjoy your pair and they treat you as well as mine have me!

      1. It’s a lot easier to justify spending $$$ (I think mine were $225ish on sale) when they last a long time! If that makes you feel better 🙂

  3. I hope the boots work for you and hold up well. I’m going to have to buy a pair next year and I’m kind of dreading it. Short plus wide calves is not a good mix for any riding gear! 😉

    I have a question for you English riders – are there any breeches out there with a sock or mesh calf? Smartpak has one brand – Bradley – that seems to have that, but there is a big seam right where the widest part of the calf is – doesn’t look very comfy! Any thoughts? It just seems hard to have to cram breeches into the tall boots too.

  4. Me again – just checked SmartPak and the Alexus brand has a sock calf too…anyone tried that brand? I need some real-life breech reviews! 🙂

  5. “Affordable” tall boot pricing really gets me. Alas, I will continue rooting around in the ‘preloved’ bin. At least they come broken in!

  6. Oh man. Wide calves, I understand your pain. I luff my Mountain Horse Victoria’s (front zip dress boots), and they magically slim my legs so I don’t appear to be a skinny girl wandering around with huge cave man legs. They’ve worn like iron, and are supremely comfortable. But, I remember my hunter fashion days– Mountain Horse boots are no Sergio’s, that’s for sure.

  7. I bought my Mountain Horse tall boots this Spring and love them. Happy to say they are holding up really well – I ride 6 days a week. I am short and have slim calves but I like the foot to be a bit on the wider side cause I can not stand shoes/boots that hurt my feet. I think you will be very happy with your choice!

  8. I have those exact boots and they’ve held up for about 3-4 years of pretty hard use. I like them, but agree they aren’t the prettiest for showing. I’ve noticed the panel on the back of mine bulges out a bit funny in some pictures, I think they’ve stretched over time and are too wide. Still, I’m dreading getting a new pair and having to break them in 🙂

  9. Awesome buy! I’ve been 1/2 looking for new field boots but I don’t want to spend the money. I also wear a 10.5 in Mens! I found a pair of Boulet dress boots in my size that I ride in at home. They fit my foot great, but are about 2 inches too short to show in LOL! (paid $40 bucks for them and 30 to put zippers in)

    Do we get to hear about your fuller fillies dislike?

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