Memorial Day Weekend in Boring Pictures

Memorial Day Weekend in Boring Pictures

We had a pretty fast and furious trip to North Carolina this weekend for a friend’s wedding. Our flight left at 5:15am on Friday morning, and I now know what it feels like to be within 60 seconds of having the jetway doors shut in your face.

Not a fun feeling.

Needless to say, I spent a lot of time not getting enough sleep and being a tad loopy.

By loopy, I mean loopy enough to model my not very sensitive Indian Princesses gear for my husband when he found it in the upstairs closet of my Dad’s house.



Unless you’re a fellow Indian Princess (How how!), I have nothing relevant to present today.


We did have a great time at the wedding, and I only almost fell down in the grass in my 4″ heels. Heels and I do okay on solid surfaces, but it turns out that turf is a no go. Either way, I feel like I rocked this pinker than I have ever pinked before dress. Go me.

When we did get back to Texas, I was hoping for a relaxing Memorial Day at the barn. Instead, I had a relaxing Memorial Day at my swamp.




Flash flooding hit Texas hard, and I won’t complain about not being able to ride. Bridges were washed out. People drowned. Houses were ruined. It was pretty awful.

So I napped with my panther puppy, and did absolutely nothing productive for this blog.


Better luck next time readers 😉 Hopefully tomorrow I’ll bring something better to the table!

22 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend in Boring Pictures

  1. I was completely useless as well, but it didn’t rain. 😉 I was kinda sick/kinda sensitive to my allergies and spent the weekend with my pups as well.

  2. You and the hubs look gorg! Hope you had a fun time at the wedding!
    AH! That flooding in TX is insane! My company has a warehouse down there, and while everyone seems to be accounted for, traveling is a nightmare (as you well know). Glad you’re safe and sound! Hope you can see your pony soon.

  3. Beautiful dress! Way to go with the heels! I’m a flats all the time girl. 4″ would have had me on my ass all the time not just on the grass.
    I hope that you guys get some dry weather soon!

  4. Love, love, love that dress. And Bobby says any time you want to come play Indian Princess dress up with him, you’re welcome to.

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