You’re Invited to a Horse Bloggers Weekend!

You’re Invited to a Horse Bloggers Weekend!

True story – I’ve had visions of trying to organize an equestrian bloggers conference one day.  Another true story – that’s a pretty big undertaking.  However, I was talking with my local blog buddy Jen from Wyvern Oaks about how cool it would be if we all get together, and then we got to brainstorming…

You are invited to an equestrian bloggers weekend in Austin, Texas!

Jen and I, and possibly the super cool $900 Facebook Pony (depending on the weekend) would like to host you awesome horse bloggers for a weekend of fun in the lone star state.

What happens on a bloggers weekend?

While there’s no firm itinerary yet, we have ideas for fun things like group dinners, pony time with the real stars of our Austin based blogs, tack store shopping, Texas BBQ, wine tasting, and of course the standard Austin tourist favorites that everybody visiting the city should see!  Mostly we enjoy some time meeting face to face and yakking about our favorite subject!


But where will I stay?  

The two of us are immediately prepared to host a decent sized group of people.  Depending on how many bloggers are interested could mean some creative sleeping arrangements (my house is super tiny y’all) but so long as we don’t get 100 million people wanting to come there are places to stay.  Essentially, first come first serve on free hotel via the Mauldin Bungalow and Wyvern Oaks.  Note that we both have pets (I have dogs, and Jen has dog/cats) so if you’re allergic, you may need to find an alternate place to stay.

What will I have to pay for?

Getting here will probably be the most expensive, honestly.  From my experience, you can expect to pay $200-$300 for a plane ticket to the Austin airport from other major airports.  Of course, that varies.

Once you’re here, expenses will be pretty minimal.  Bring some extra money for food and shopping, but we’ll provide at least one dinner and breakfast as well as a lot of shuttle service to and from places.


When is this craziness happening?

That’s a good question.  We wanted to pick something in the winter since show seasons aren’t ramping up across the US, and the weather is really nice in Austin especially for you northern folk.  Right now we have a couple of dates in mind:

– February 13th – 15th 2015
– February 27th – March 1st 2015 ($900 FB has a conflict this weekend 🙁 )

Though many places up north don’t show much in February, we actually have two show weekends we’re trying to work around and of course stuff in our normal personal lives!

Am I really invited?

If you read my blog consistently, interact with me through the comments or my Facebook page and don’t secretly want to kill me in my sleep – you are really invited.  Even if you can’t come the whole weekend, would love for any semi-local Texas people to drive in for the day to meet up!

The blogging community is great, and we don’t get much face time.  This could be something really cool many of use could treat as a vacation, and who knows… maybe a blogger weekend could be held in your city in the future and I’ll show up 🙂


Please discuss in the comments your thoughts, and we also created a horse bloggers weekend survey for people to fill out (please only once!).  I know it’s not possible for everyone to travel, but I’d love to hear your thoughts in general and if this is something you’d possibly be interested in!

42 thoughts on “You’re Invited to a Horse Bloggers Weekend!

  1. This is so awesome!! I will be in FL during the first date… but booooo Amanda won’t be there on the second! Also money is a thing… heh… Would LOVE to hang out with you girls for a long weekend though, what fun!

  2. I have also had this idea…so I think it’s great. I wanted to invite everyone up for the Pan Ams this summer in Toronto…if they wanted to go watch. I will definitely be in, really interested in seeing Texas! The 13-15 works best for me since the 15th is a holiday weekend in Canada and I will have the Monday off!

    1. YES! We’re already hoping to come up for the Pan Ams, so this needs to happen!

      Texas is no go for me unfortunately, I am too far with too little in resources. 🙁

  3. Super cool! I did a forum meet up with other Border Collie owners many years ago at both my house and another at the beach. It was super fun and of course, everyone had their dogs we’ve all talked and read about so much. Obviously, bringing horses would be a touch harder 🙂 Great fun!

  4. I do have a conflict that second weekend (1st recognized event of the season) but just about any other time I have one guest bedroom that I can offer up. There are also a couple other bloggers in Austin – Bay with Chrome and Auf der Autobahn.

  5. OOOH! I dont blog, but live in fort worth and stalk you, I mean read you religiously… plus we have interacted on the book of face. I would love to come down. Its a short flight or a nice drive in the jeeps! Would love to come!

  6. I’ve been a slacker blogger in the last year or so but have blogged about my horses and the farm in general for the past 10 (!!!! That shocks me to say that) I think having a horse blogger meet up is awesomeness and if I have no commitments and can find someone to manage the farm I would love to attend!!

  7. I live in the dfw area and have this weird dream of meeting the two of you, because I think it would be like meeting celebrities!

    I don’t really qualify as a blogger though, being once again horseless and depressed.

  8. Quite a few of my blogging friends have thought about this over the years and made tentative plans and never really done it. I’m new to your blog, but I DO love texas…and horses…and blogging.

  9. I’ve fantasized about a horse blogger conference too, haha!! I am totally into this, especially if I can manage to find a cheap plane ticket from Tulsa to Austin. If not…well, it’s only an 8 hour drive.

    Any Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, or North Texas bloggers want to carpool??

  10. I’m in! I’d prefer the second weekend, purely for Valentine purposes. :). Maybe we can organize a side trip to the barn in Austin where I first learned to really ride!

  11. Sounds like fun! Unfortunately neither weekend looks good for me right now but the good thing is that I’m local so if I can swing it I’ll be there.

  12. I’m in the Austin area, so I’m in. Unfortunately I can’t offer lodging or guarantee I’ll be there for all activities because of my weird job schedule at that time of odd-numbered years (yeah, weird, like I said), but I can possibly cart people around in my SUV for some stuff.

  13. Could be fun! We could do activities and stuff. I’d vote the earlier weekend since the other weekend will be WEF Nations Cup weekend. Hahaha

  14. I think you two are super brave for inviting the internet to your homes. Sweet Pea needs me in New Jersey, but I am still very excited for you.

  15. This is such a great idea! I could totally use a vacation! If it’s on the 14th I could most likely go. The 27th, I have a wedding to go to. Either way, I’m sure it’ll be a blast!

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