The Holy Trinity of Weekend

The Holy Trinity of Weekend

I spent 90% of my time this weekend doing one of three things – drinking, sleeping or hanging out at the barn.

As I’m sure you picked up from my pitiful post on Friday, my mood going into the weekend was poor. I had committed the cardinal sin of horses, “Thou Shall Not Get Thy Hopes Up” and was feeling down in general. The best fix for that is good friends and time with the nerd horse, and after a few super low key days I’m feeling a lot better.

Photo compliments of Heather F

These days I’m trying to strike a balance between updating the blog more frequently and making serious progress on my book, and today’s post is going to fall victim to the later. I did feel the need to explain a little bit about my “plan” going forward, which I use pretty relatively since I seem to make all kinds of plans these days and then immediately change my mind. Blame being blonde. Blame grief. Blame whatever… it is what it is.

For Simon the plan is the same. I’m going to steer him towards the jumper ring where he is better suited, and I don’t plan to sell him. However, I will be putting him up for full lease if/when I find a hunter prospect. Hopefully this would work out for someone to come to my barn and ride him there where I can keep an eye on him and stuff his face with cookies. When I’m ready to market him, I’ll be open to the perfect outside home for a lease. Simon is a healthy horse in his prime that loves to work. He’s been so many things to me, and I feel like he can go be that amazing first show horse for another person for a while. I’ll always be here to make sure he’s safe and happy, and to hop on for a good bridleless jump school every now and then.

Photo compliments of Heather F

As for me, I don’t have as clear of plans. I’d like a horse that can take me around competitively in the local show ring. I know how much money I have to spend, which seems like a lot to me but can’t get a ton in hunterland. Of course I’d love the perfect inexpensive or free lease horse or cute amateur friendly hunter in my price range, but that’s proving to be difficult to find. The horse I was hoping to purchase was a green broke prospect, so I’m essentially keeping all options open. The most important thing to me is a good brain and an innate talent as a hunter. Any horse can be a risk, but if my trainer goes “Ooo” and I feel happy sitting on it – that’s a win.

Photo compliments of Heather F

I’m not sure what that horse will look like yet or where I might find him, but for now I’m keeping my eyes open while I continue to ride and learn from the nerd horse.

22 thoughts on “The Holy Trinity of Weekend

  1. Cute Hunter Prospects are out there but usually involve a risk. Annie was super cheap but she’s green as grass and it will be probably next year before we get into the groove show wise. That said an older horse would probably have an easier time progressing faster. You just never know.

    Good luck on the hunt!

      1. That’s definitely what happened with Annie! $1200 and a few months of riding later she’s a littla super star. Though I did spend almost as much vetting her as I did on her purchase price.

  2. This sounds like a great plan to me! I’m glad the nerd horse was able to help lift your spirits. I’m not sure what your time line is, but the place I got Romey from sells all the horses for the same price of $2850. They’re all OTTB’s though, so not sure if you’d prefer a warmblood. The horses are all just off the track and lightly restarted so they are real projects. I think Romey will end up a pretty nice hunter if I can ever grow a pair and get him going…
    You can see the place here if you’re interested:

  3. Simon looks so happy, with his ears pricked up and a pleased expression in pretty much every single photo from this weekend, so clearly he approves of the plan so far!

  4. It’s so so hard to not get your hopes up. I hope you find a nice Hunter that helps you pursue your passion and, as a very happy leaser who so patiently waited for a chance, I hope you find a great way to share Simon with someone for a little while- he would be such a wonderful gift/opportunity for somebody special. 🙂

  5. It’s too bad you don’t live like right down the road from me, because I would have a blast taking Simon for a spin in the jumper ring and you could put some hunter miles on Hero for me. =-)

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