Zomg New Pictures

Zomg New Pictures

Usually I try to offer you dear readers something extra when you visit this blog. Some wisdom, a chuckle, insight into my personal struggles… Stuff like that. Other times though, I just want to squeal and hold you captive for a few minutes because we had an amazing group lesson on Sunday and dear hubby came to take pictures!

So now you have to look at my sweet boy and then tell me how amaze balls he is, because I’m still excited about how good he was even 24 hours later.


I call this our warm up trot game face.


His listening cap is on.


Probably my favorite photo of the day.


He gets a little strong on the downhill side, but we had some lovely moments of relaxed, loose rein canter even if this is more of a whoa buddy shot.


The bestest pony.


F yeah, let’s go trot jumps.


Maybe one day I will be able to equitate over trot cross rails… Maybe.


but mom, I wanna canter all the jumps


Cross rail like a boss.


A real jump! What, what!


This lesson in jumping ahead brought to you by Lauren.

So that’s the deal. One of those days that make you stop questioning why you do this or pay for that or if it all is worth it. Totally worth it.

27 thoughts on “Zomg New Pictures

  1. I saw one of the vertical jump pictures on instagram and I have to admit, I squealed a little bit! You guys look awesome and Simon just looks so happy and perfect!

  2. Um, yeah, we could be long lost sisters – I am a pro at jumping ahead. But I like to look DOWN while I jump ahead. Equitation queen, I am not 🙂

  3. Aw you guys look great and Simon looks so happy and relaxed!! 🙂 I feel you on the jumping ahead–I’m forever either getting left behind or getting way ahead but I just can’t find the happy medium!

  4. BEAUTIFUL pics! Your boy has quite the trot! And I swear, properly jumping cross rails is honestly the hardest thing ever. I’m a terrible jumper-aheader when it comes to anything 2’6″ or under. It’s actually almost easier to have good eq (in my opinion) over higher fences. Maybe because its scarier, and I realize I better sit back or eat dirt.. 🙂

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