Another Year with my Horse Husband

Another Year with my Horse Husband

Today I celebrate another year spent with my ‘horse husband’.  It’s four years of marriage for us (and almost 9 total) and we’ll celebrate our “fruit and flowers” anniversary this year.

My husband is turning into a pro at funny anniversary gifts.  For the 2nd “Cotton” anniversary he got me a cotton t-shirt that said “It’s my 2nd anniversary and all I got was this t-shirt”, a cotton candy maker and a cotton saddle pad.  This year for “fruit and flowers” he found something even more kitschy.


Yes, that is a silk rose with an apple in it.  Genius.

Being married for four years, I am certainly no expert on the subject.  Honestly, I didn’t realize it would be hard.  That’s a pretty stupid thought, but I figured that you worked out all the kinks in years of dating and living together and engagement and once marriage happened things were smooth sailing.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Photo by Anneke Paterson Photography

But honestly, I have it really good.  I married someone who is my equal (who am I kidding, he is way smarter than me) and true partner.  He supports my dreams, even though the sum it costs to pursue them is painfully expensive at times.

He doesn’t get my obsession love of horses and horse showing, but he’s stopped trying to understand.  He just accepts that this is part of me, even though it makes 0 logical sense.

Photo by Anneke Paterson Photography

In return, I’m trying to be a better, more patient and understanding wife.  I’m sure you are shocked to hear that I have a stubborn streak and may or may not be the authority on everything many things.  I guess, like my horse, I’m a work in progress.

Definitely ready for another year of ups and downs, but hopefully a lot more ups this year.  I know a good start is not bringing another animal into the house, because you’d be surprised at how much losing a dog eye ball can stress a relationship. 😉

Photo by Anneke Paterson Photography

Marching into year five I’m going to take more time to appreciate this man.  Sometimes we are so busy giving all of our patience to co-workers and horses and family, that we forget to take the extra moment with the person who should be more important than any of them.

Photo by Anneke Paterson Photography

42 thoughts on “Another Year with my Horse Husband

  1. Happy Anniversary! Loved this post. I wish more bloggers would give insight into how they make it work (or don’t) with their significant others. Horses are an extremely expensive, time consuming and obessive hobby. It can be hard to strike a work-husband-dog-horse-family-friend balance for me. I can’t even (and don’t want to) imagine kids in the mix!

  2. My hubby and I celebrated our 4th anniversary on Oct 2…or we would have, if we weren’t both morons and forgot : ) I love that you guys do fun gifts like that!

  3. Happy Anniversary! If ever he gives you a hard time about riding just say it could be worse, I buy horses without even telling my husband 😉

  4. happy anniversary!! i LOVE the photos – esp the second to last one. simon’s face is so precious too, like ‘oh yea, this ma family and dey love me’

  5. BINGO! 20 years of marriage (plus four years of dating the same man) have taught me to bring my A game home. Don’t use up all of the good you at work or the barn; save that pleasantness for your honey. Congratulations and many more!

    1. Your blog post on marriage/anniversaries fueled a lot of my attempts at thinking more positively lately! You are a great influence to use younger horse loving married gals 😀

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    We celebrated our 10th last month. 😉
    It is certainly a journey and being a horse nut doesn’t always make it easy. Sometimes I like to remember that other women have obsessions like shopping for expensive shoes or clothes. To each his own!

  7. Happy anniversary! My husband and I just celebrated our first yesterday (the 19th – October is a good month!!) I didn’t realize until after we actually got married how much putting up the the horse and all the horse related stuff hew oils actually have to do. Horse husbands are saints!

  8. Love this!
    It’s funny how you think you have it allllllll figured out when you are dating/engaged and then once you get married, you realize you weren’t anywhere close!

    It’s taken me years, and I still blow it all the time, but I’m trying to get better at bringing home my A game. You nailed it with that last sentence from Bakersfield Dressage.

  9. Happy (belated) anniversary! I actually have friends who make anniversary gifts a competition for each other so that every year they have to get the other something for that year (cotton, fruit/flowers, wood, etc). It has turned into quite the celebration!

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