Horse Husband

Horse Husband

When you read the Chronicle forum (or really any horse forum), there is a running theme among a lot of the posters.

  1. They are primarily women.
  2. They often complain about their husband’s not liking the horse/not wanting to pay for the horse/hiding from their husband at the barn/etc.


I consider myself to be very lucky not to be in that 2nd category.  My husband has come a long way with his understanding of my equestrian problem lifestyle.  When we first met, he didn’t understand how horses made me happy because I was sad from having to sell/step down my QH of 7 years and then the next horse I had I ended up hating.  His thought was pretty much why spend so much money to be unhappy?

Then we moved to MA and I didn’t ride much at all for a few years.  One of the carrots dangled to get me to move to Austin was that I could afford a horse again since the cost of living was cheaper.


Once we got here he sat on the horse emotional roller coaster with me.  Finding a good horse.  Losing a good horse. Finding the right horse.  It doesn’t mean that he never questioned this crazy sport, because he has and he will again – but he knew that horses were important to me and that he needed to be understanding.


Now he listens patiently to my monologues about lead changes and distances.  He’s my biggest cheerleader and encourages me to strive to dream bigger than I think I can.  He got a little emotional (don’t tell him I told you!) when I won my first blue ribbon with Simon, and genuinely shares in my triumphs.  Not to mention that without his financial contribution to our household this whole horse ownership thing wouldn’t be a possibility.


He knows what lead is correct, the ideal timing for a trot and jump picture and how to groom my horse for me.  He even tried riding briefly, and took about two months of lessons before he said, “This shit is too fucking hard.”  (Yes, yes it is)


I’m going on and on about my horse husband, because today marks our 3rd wedding anniversary.  All in all, I’ve been with him almost 7 years… as long as I had my old QH Elvis, but I don’t think I’ll need to retire Tim anytime soon 🙂

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  1. Congratulations and happy anniversary!

    P.S. It’s official: we really need to meet and do a double-date. Tim sounds a lot like Sam (at least in regards to the horse husband thing) and I’m pretty sure the four of us would hit it off famously!!

  2. Congratulations! Just think, about three years ago, you and I were both brides! Man, time flies. 🙂

    And yes, yours is a keeper! I can’t get mine on a horse to save my life and he’s never groomed Archie. He has mucked his fair share of stalls, helped feed, lead and blanket, though. That counts, right? You still out horse-husband me, though, because yours took lessons and WORE BREECHES! So jealous.

    1. What’s scary is that I just looked at my wedding pictures on facebook and I look like a BABY. Am I really aging that fast? Really?!? Mucking stalls definitely counts. That might count double.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! What a great guy, he even wears breeches! My husband is not head over heels about horses, but he does love animals, so he understands. But he has no desire to ride a horse, he prefers to feed them 🙂

  4. Happy anniversary!
    I’m lucky with my husband, too. He totally gets my love for horses. And he likes to ride every once in a while, too! ( :

  5. Happy Anniversary!! My horse-husband has also been on the emotional roller coaster that is owning and loving horses at times. Sounds like you got a good one!

  6. Happy Anniversary!! That’s great that he is so supportive! I always wonder with the COTH posters what the OTHER side of the story is???

  7. He even tried riding briefly, and took about two months of lessons before he said, “This shit is too fucking hard.”

    Best horse-husband moment ever. The nurses at work caught me sniggering at this one.

    Happy anniversary! He sounds like an amazing husband, just re: equestrian stuff, and you seem very happy together. Always a good thing. I wish you many more happy (and horse-filled) years together. 🙂

  8. That is so darn sweet! Happy Anniversary! Your story sounds a lot like ours. Non-horsey husband but he’s the one that makes it happen and supports me every step of the way, through all the ups and downs. He comes to the barn with me all the time and I can’t believe how he’s gone from not knowing a western pleasure horse from a hunter to now shouting instructions from the rail lol. Not sure I could ever get my husband in breeches through. Your man sounds like a real gem!

  9. Congratulations! I shake my head in frustration at those non-supportive hubbies. How could you not want what makes your wife happy? I would never tell my husband to quit golfing, hunting, cycling, or playing with his man truck. Those things make him who he is. My own hubby, who I’ve been married to for almost 20 years (dating since 199o), doesn’t necessarily “get” my obsession, but he gets that it’s who I am. He doesn’t ask IF I am riding, but WHEN I am riding. You definitely have to keep a husband who wants you to be happy, wether it’s crafting happy or horsey happy!

  10. Oh my goodness this is the cutest post ever!!!!! I love it so much!!!!!!!
    I think it is so, so important for your significant other to understand your obsession (And by “your”, I mean all of us crazy horse women). He sounds like the best!
    And Congratulations :).

  11. Love that you have a horse husband! I do too 🙂 We are lucky women, indeed. I am always amazed at the lack of male support at competitions and the barn in general. We are now horse shopping for my husband – which is scary and fun at the same time!

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