Horse Valentine’s Wallpaper

Horse Valentine’s Wallpaper

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!  I’m not one of those people who has a huge opinion either way about this holiday.  I do however love almost all holidays and I love doing sweet things for my loved ones, so Valentine’s works for me.  Plus after staying up way too late working on this blog design (looking better I think!) a sweet gift from my husband and flowers delivered to my work were great ways to start the day.

I hope y’all have a good day spending time with your special Valentine, whether two or four legged.  For us hunter/jumper enthusiasts who want to celebrate today, I made a special horse themed Valentine’s day wallpaper.


This photo was taken at the 2012 $500k WEF Grand Prix in Wellington, FL.  I can’t wait to go back this year!  You can download the full size 1200 x 800 wallpaper by clicking on the image above. Happy Heart day!

10 thoughts on “Horse Valentine’s Wallpaper

  1. Your blog looks awesome! Wish I was this skilled with design aspects 🙂 BTW I’m going home next weekend to hang with friends at the show. I try and take pictures!

    1. Thanks Shelly! I used to do solely web design as a living, so it’s nice to dabble back into it these days. Yes, takes lots of pictures – Wellington is gooooooorgeous.

  2. Ooh … love the ease of commenting. Site looks lovely!

    I am a teacher so Valentine’s Day is always a “big day” for us. The kids really love the day. Hubby and I have a very solid marriage (we’ve been together since I was 19; I am now 42), so the day isn’t wildly crazy, but we do enjoy spending the evening together. That’s no so different from most any other weeknight, but on VD there’s usually a card and a small gift. I guess that makes it different. :0)

    1. Oh cool! My English degree was in education, so teaching is very near and dear to my heart. Plus, I don’t think Valentine’s was ever as much fun as it was in grade school 🙂

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