If Equestrians had Reality TV

If Equestrians had Reality TV

I love reality television.  It’s my guilty pleasure, and there are almost no limits to my reality TV love.

Cooking shows?  Yes please.  I never get tired of listening to Gordon Ramsey yell at people.

Hoarders?  Can you think of a better program to motivate you to clean your house?  If I watch more than 15 minutes of Hoarders, I inevitably start straightening and dusting.

And yes, it even goes all the way down to Toddlers and Tiaras.  That show is the #1 reason I cancelled my cable.  I realized that I was paying over $100 per month and almost exclusively watching TLC, where the subject was either health abnormalities or children with a lot of psychological damage heading their way.

Now I satisfy my urge with the Netflix and Hulu selections, but after watching half a season of Top Chef in almost one sitting… I began to wonder about equestrian reality TV.  What would that look like?

At first, I was all “who’s the obvious choice to yell at people on competition shows?”



Then I was all, “No.  I can’t just keep cranking out poorly done George Morris memes,” although I do think he’d be like Gordon Ramsey and somehow make it into like 5 different reality shows.


Sure, it’s not cooking related but we certainly know a lot of “delicacies” that get chopped in the horse world.


This show is essentially replaced by Youtube though.  You can only get so far into watching horse videos before you end up with a “best crashes and falls” video.


I’m sure we can all relate to this one.

And finally, to satisfy my Toddlers ‘n Tiaras fix there’s always our version…


What do you think your favorite “Equestrian Reality Show” would be?

43 thoughts on “If Equestrians had Reality TV

  1. OMG I LOVE this!!! Hahahahaha!! Can we add “Dressage Queens of Wellington”? Or something along those lines… There can be so much drama in the equestrian world, I’ve always wondered that no one has done a reality TV show about it.

  2. I love bad reality tv. I loved Toddlers and Tiaras and my new favorite is Kim of Queens. It’s amazing.

    But anyway, yes to all the horse reality tv shows!

  3. YES. I would watch the heck out of a House Hunters style show where people shop for farms. Or a similar one in which people need to move and find a new boarding barn. (“Barn #1 has unsafe fencing and crazy stuff but an amazing trainer. Barn #2 has superb horse care but a crazy owner and weird hours. Barn 3# is perfect but 100 miles away.”)

    That said, there’s a reality show about jockeys, so cable has made some inroads to this already.

    1. Yeah, Animal Planet has done the only two horse reality shows that I know of. “Horse Power” was the McClay series that Brianne Goutal’s parents helped fund back in the early 2000’s and “Jockeys” came several years later.

  4. OMG yes, these are awesome. Pony Boo Boo and the barn hunters sounds best to me! Also a show following a tack shop with consignment, horse version of pawnstars (take it from me we see crazies every day at the tackstore!)

  5. There are just so many possibilities for equestrian reality! I’m a bit of a reality junky, too, particularly competition reality. Project Runway tomorrow!

    Not long ago I stumbled on a reality show on A&E called “Rodeo Girls”. The drama was definitely strong in that one!

  6. There was one that aired in Canada called Unstable. The episodes are on YouTube. It was terrible, but entertaining in the kind of way where you can’t look away from a car crash.

    I loved – no, adored – Horse Power: The Road to the Maclay and would sell a body part in order to get a second season of that. Or a sequel. Or a “where are they now” (which I already know but it would still be fun to see in television format…)

    Real Hunter and/or Jumper Princesses of the Winter Equestrian Festival would be a good start, honestly I’m surprised nothing’s been done down there since there is material galore. Behind the Music for barns would be hilarious (and probably sad, too) if it showed what goes on in your average h/j barn…

    Pony Boo Boo would be funny but I don’t think I could take it for long. Entitled children already make me grind my teeth on a daily basis, and mixing in horses… no. Just no.

  7. This is awesome! I love all of your suggestions and all of the ones in comments. Shows like Survivor would be so much better if they were horse related lol. I LOVE the Amazing Race Endurance Riders and the Barn Hunters ideas!! If all of those were available I might actually start watching t.v. again lol.

  8. I loved the idea above for a house hunters style horse Hunters! What about a show about horse flippers? Buying up cheap project horses to train and sell? Or a reality show about a big trainer (especially a cutting horse trainer i would watch that forever)

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