What Do you Wish You Could Say?

What Do you Wish You Could Say?

Most of us equestrian bloggers are semi-private.  By that I mean, we don’t necessarily go I AM BLAH AND I RIDE WITH BLAH TRAINER IN BLAH CITY, but let’s be honest – it’s usually very easy to figure out where we are and where we ride.  With this accountability, a certain amount of editing goes into what we put on the blog.


For example, I have a “no barn drama” policy rule on my blog, meaning that I simply will not write about things that happen within my blog for all the internet to read.  Others make their own rules, but really – we all edit ourselves somewhat at the end of the day.

Which made me wonder… what would we say on our blogs if there was no editing?  If it was truly 100% anonymous?


So logically, I created a survey.

Of course participation is 100% voluntary, but if you have something you want to get off your chest… let it out!  Have you been dying to make a blanket statement, but didn’t want to piss off your blog followers?  Maybe everyone is way more PC than me, but I thought this could be a fun blog social experiment.

Tell me, what would you like to really say on your blog?

That above link goes to a 100% anonymous Survey Monkey survey.  I disabled IP tracking, so there’s no way I can try to use the magic of the internet to figure out who is saying what.  If you want to play, post your unedited statement in the survey.  I gave it a week to run (expires Saturday, September 13th at 12:00am) and after the cut-off I will publish all the comments here.


My request to y’all is, let’s keep this general and not point out any specific person.  I’m all for unedited snarky thoughts, but I don’t want to facilitate any type of online bullying.  Looking for insight and perhaps a little drama, but not at the expense of anyone’s feelings.

It may be fantastic, frustrating or nothing at all.  I guess we’ll see!

26 thoughts on “What Do you Wish You Could Say?

  1. This is perfect! There is so much other stuff I could write about or have for topics, but I don’t want to any real life people I know to read about it. It’s frustrating, finding the balance.

  2. I tend to be very open when I actually keep the blog updated and if I have something that’s too cutting or hurtful I’ll make that one private which seems unproductive but invariably the offending party sees that I have a privated blog entry and a healing/correcting/mediated dialog ensues… usually… I mean I did have to lock my whole blog down once… or twice… but there was reconciliation so that’s good right? lol…..

  3. I tend to write what i want to, im a call it like a see it kinda person. Im never too worried about backlash. i’ll submit one though cuz i do edit when it comes to barn manager drama. (self preservation and all)

  4. Having gotten in trouble before for blogging, I’m *slightly* more conscious about what I put out there. I no longer mention ANY names, ANY. And I don’t talk about locations either. But for the most part, I tell everything and I tell it like it is, the good and the bad. I think that’s why Gogo’s blog was so popular, because people felt like they really knew me.

    Two things I know better than to talk about in length, after having learned my lesson: what breeds you don’t like, and breeding. I’ve been reduced to tears from what people have shot back at me.

    And two things I want to and will publicly tell people that drive me crazy ALL the time, ALL over the place:
    1) Just because your horse isn’t lame at the canter doesn’t mean it’s not lame!! People drug them up and send them off to the show and just try not to trot. UGH!
    2) Buying craploads of fancy fancy tack will not make you a better rider. How about you spend that money on LESSONS instead!

    But, I’m not one to hold things back much!

  5. I think this is a great idea! One thing I wish I could post more about is the racehorses and some of the stuff I see at the track, but I have to be a little careful about that. The track has so many unwritten rules. Anyway, I know that wasn’t exactly what you had in mind so I also posted something in the survey. I’ve actually written q couple of posts about it, but refrained from publishing them due to not wanting to piss off a bunch of people even if I do think several people would agree.

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