Blogging March Madness

Blogging March Madness

If you’re a basketball fan, you’re already thinking about what teams you’ll choose for your NCAA tournament bracket… but what about if you’re a horse fan?  We have no tournament.  Sad panda!

… until now!

I thought it might be fun to do a “March Madness” for equestrian blogs.  This is all in fun, and participation is completely voluntary.


What is Eq Blogs March Madness?

  • I will accept blog nominations from Friday, March 7th until Friday, March 14th.  That’s an entire week to nominate your blog!
  • After all nominations are in, I’ll organize blogs into 4 different main groups either by discipline or region of the country (depends on how the entries are spread)
  • The winners will be determined by public vote, with one blog match per day.
  • Each winner will go on to the next round until there is one overall blog champion!

This is just a fun, silly contest.  It really doesn’t mean one blog is better than the other, just fulfills my desire to make brackets because I adore them.

Are there prizes?

Yes!  I will make badges for each final 4 winner as well as the Grand Champion and Reserve Champion blogs.  The top 4 winners will get a box in the mail…. I’m not saying it’s chocolate, but it’s chocolate.  There will be some special mystery surprise for the Grand Champion winner.. but I don’t know what yet. No, literally.  I don’t know what, but it’ll be cool.

How will the voting go?

Voting will start Saturday, March 15th and will be hosted on pages at She Moved to Texas.  Voting will be 100% anonymous.  To get votes, you can share the link on your blog and facebook and however you see fit!  Bribery is perfectly fine too 😉

How do I enter?

Leave a comment on this blog post with your blog’s name, URL, your region of the world and your horse discipline.

That’s it!  Let the madness begin 🙂

44 thoughts on “Blogging March Madness

  1. Omg! Chocolate! You had me at chocolate.
    … chocolate. 🙂

    Blog’s Name: Guinness on Tap
    Region: Indiana/Midwest, USA
    Discipline: Dressage

  2. Why not? Good incentive to keep on top of things as well.

    Blog Name: Semi Feral Equestrian
    Region: Midwest, USA
    Discipline: Crazy?? Dressage/pleasure/Arabian madness


  3. I love brackets!! And chocolate!

    Title: A Gift Horse
    Region: Midwest United States
    Discipline: Hunter/Jumper

  4. Hi, what a great idea! I’ve just started my blog quite recently:

    Bee and the Horse
    Region: Warsaw, Poland
    Discipline: dressage, academic riding, groundwork, lunging

    I also have a bit of photography there.
    Thanks for this great occasion!
    Many greetings from Poland!

  5. Blog: Poodles N Ponies
    Region: Upper Peninsula of MI/ Texas. Yeah, I winter… Like a boss.
    Discipline: Dressage sprinkled with frustration

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