Weekend by the Numbers

Weekend by the Numbers

Stephanie at Hand Gallop has these great little “weekend by the numbers” posts that I always enjoy reading. She somehow makes all the numbers even out, because she’s a rock star. They’re cute & well planned out posts.

I, on the other hand, am all “I did things this weekend and there were numbers!” Expect no cuteness here. My Dad was visiting Austin-town this weekend and helped me on a ton of house stuff. He builds fancy custom homes and I assure you is much better at tiling floor than me.

Anyway, here’s my weekend:

0 nerd horses ridden (or naps taken).


1 motivational photo saved from Instagram.

2 idiotic dogs “helping” with yard work.


3 (combined) days spent with my Dad.

4 1960’s light fixtures replaced.

He will be bummed I am sharing the photo of this before we touched up the ceiling.
He will be bummed I am sharing the photo of this before we touched up the ceiling.

5 built in shelves (out of like a million) painted.


5 cabinets of “extra” horse item storing in my garage.


6… 7… 9… We don’t count anymore saddle pads

10 door knobs replaced from brass/antique/silver finishings to something that actually all matched.

1 exponentially awesome outdoor bar restored by my Dad


1 exceptionally large glass of wine to be drunk this evening while I contemplate all the other projects on the list!

22 thoughts on “Weekend by the Numbers

  1. Damn girl! Also, I would literally pass the f out if I had the opportunity to have that much storage for my horse stuff in the garage.

    But you live in Texas, so I’d probably also pass out thinking about the fact that I could find a scorpion in that stuff… and then come to and carpet bomb the place with bug spray and move right in. 😉

    1. That’s one advantage of living by yourself… all the storage! Ain’t nobody gonna tall me I have too many saddle pads. 😉

      No scorpion sightings yet. I’m *thinking” that I’m in the clear, but getting on a pest control plan is on the list this week.

  2. That’s a level of productivity that I just can’t even comprehend. Congrats on getting so much done! Must have been great to have your dad around for a little bit. Supremely jealous of your garage and it’s storage!

  3. All those built-ins! I love them! And um, any time you need some company to hang out at your swag outdoor bar, just let me know, and I will be there in approximately 8 hours. 😛

  4. omg shelves, all i see are shelves – sooo many!!! but damn they are gonna look good when they are done! how awesome for your dad to come help out!!

  5. Um DROOL over your dad’s homes. Just wasted a solid half hour… And super jealous of all your storage!

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