I Get Knocked Down

I Get Knocked Down

Something light hearted today!

At the show a few weeks ago, one of our green horses had a green horse moment at his first show and a good rider came off. That’s not really that unusual of a story, but the epic save she almost had is what makes it blog worthy.

I got permission from this rider (who you can tell from the photos is an excellent sport) to share the photo series with you all.












My favorite part is Dial’s face at the end. “Whoops?”

Horse and rider are totally fine and will live to see another hunter class another day. 2’0″ hunters… more exciting than you think!

36 thoughts on “I Get Knocked Down

  1. The fact that the horse is just standing there completely unphased… he’s gonna be a good one once he gets some miles!!! 🙂

  2. ANYONE who can smile while they’re in the middle of a fall is a champ! And that’s one saint of a horse to not just take off.

    Great attempt at salvaging a fall!!! Glad she let you share!

  3. Ahahaha! I have totally had that exact moment. It’s always a funny fall. 🙂 What a good sport! I think her smile the whole way down is the best part.

  4. I love the one pic where the horse is looking back like “Um….I appear to be missing something?!!”

    The rider is a great sport! Love the smile on her face in the landing shot 😛

  5. Wow, that is some serious talent to have a perfectly photogenic smile the entire time, LOL! I look like a zombie having a seizure in every photo…when things are going well. I salute the mad prowess!

    1. I am endlessly amused by seizuring zombie face! If there was an award for Best Impression of A Preternatural Being Having A Medical Emergency Whilst Riding, you would win it hands down!
      I just make regular boring derp faces. :-/

  6. omg their combined expressions are PRICELESS!!!! also i may or may not be somewhat jealous of her core strength for hanging on as long as she did lol

  7. That’s priceless! I love how the rider is smiling despite doing a full 360. I was expecting a “Ta-Daa!” Shot showing her sticking the landing. And what a boy! Love the “Sorry, Mom. My bad.” look he’s got.

  8. We have all been there. Hanging on, thinking we can “save it” this time and we’re not coming off. Then there is always that moment when we realize, No I can’t. Not this time.

    To see her smiling all the way down shows class, grace and style. Shit happens. It happens to the best of us. Glad nobody was hurt. He’s a cute horse.

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