Stalker Blog Hop

Stalker Blog Hop

I waffled about joining this blog hop, because the reality is I’d be happy to meet so many of you bloggers out there!  Seriously… we enjoy writing and the internet and our horses, those are three giant common interests right there so basically we’re sure to be best friends, right?

So I decided to put my own spin on things and tell you who I do know and some fun “stalker” experiences I have had through blogging.

As many of you know/have read, I live really close to Jen of Wyvern Oaks.  This means I get to oogle over Paddington a lot, which is basically one of my favorite things about Jen!  Jk 😀  She is a great person and a genuine friend whom I’ve met through blogging!

Jen & Paddington
Jen & Paddington

Through Jen, I also got to meet and school cross country with Andrea of The Reeling.  She is just as fun as you can guess, and a fantastic rider.

Andrea on Paddington and Jen on O behind her
Andrea on Paddington and Jen on O behind her

I also know Amanda from the $900 Facebook Pony from when we (used to… sniff sniff) boarded together.  Our OTTBs are best friends forever when they show together… just ask Henry when Simon goes away!

Amanda and Henry
Amanda and Henry

Another former boarder at my barn is the Working Rider, and I occasionally still see her at local shows around the area.

Anna and DC
Anna and DC

More recently, I met Emily of Wilbur, Ellie & Emily when she was in town for a work event.  I think Emily should just move to Austin where her ponies can get lots of turnout and she can be my new best friend 😉

Even though this wasn’t an in-person encounter, one time I was chatting with Dover customer support when someone asked… “Is this Lauren from She Moved to Texas?”  Eeep!  That person was Amanda from Chasing the Sun.  How cool!

Finally, I’ve been at a few horse shows locally where someone has ridden by and said, “Love your blog!” or someone came up to me and asked if I was She Moved to Texas.  I tell you what, that’s both fantastic and nerve wracking!  Definitely puts on a little pressure to try and have decent content here for y’all to read.

So those are my stalker moments 🙂  Please drop me a line if any of y’all are ever visiting in the Austin area (or if you’re near the surrounding cities… sometimes I go horse show and/or visit there).  I’d love to meet more people!

Have you ever had someone recognize you from your blog?

13 thoughts on “Stalker Blog Hop

  1. I live about an hour NW of Austin and am in the infancy stages of blogging so mine sucks – but it grows up I want it to be awesome, just like yours! I don’t show so I suspect we won’t cross paths there, but when Simon is ready to head out on a trail I’m your girl! And I don’t mean no sissy-trail rides, call my grandma if you want to do that – but if you want to swim in the river, jump logs, canter through the forest and weave trees like a spider monkey … then call me:)

  2. I saved that chat!! 😀 I still laugh thinking about it, because I felt like such a creepy stalker… “OMG IT’S LAUREN THAT’S SO COOL IT’S LIKE MEETING A CELEBRITY!”

    Just occurred to me: have you checked out the Dover store in Austin yet?

  3. I get comments and questions all the time, it’s kind of cool, haha. The oddest one was someone recognizing Sunny because of how her ears/mane/forelock looks in my helmet cam videos!

  4. Woooooo! 🙂
    When Gogo was alive and showing, I couldn’t go to a show without at least one person running up to me going OMG IT’S GOGO!!! Generally the more people that were there, the more likely I was to make some sort of horrible embarrassing mistake!

  5. I want to meet everyone but You are definitely on my top ten of people I want to meet, its a shame when you were here last year we couldn’t make it happen 🙂

  6. I have met a number of bloggers here in Arizona-
    FernValley, BrownEyedCowgirls, the farmers wife, Herdlife and Nuzzling Muzzles, are the few I am in touch with frequently although a few have gone and run off for cooler weather during the summer… If I make it to Texas anytime soon, I will try to look you up. I’m still trying to get there to meet Crazy3Dayer.

  7. I have very good friends who are moving to Waco (to teach at Baylor) and when I come to visit them I’m totally coming to stalk you. 😉

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