Positivity Hat

Positivity Hat

Took time this weekend to repeat a mantra to myself – pout less!  With more reflecting at the vet’s diagnosis, it wasn’t too hard to do.  At this moment, I’ll be able to ride my horse in a week… which is no big thang.  For now, I’ll just take it one week at a time.

After some family time with my mother in law Saturday (and a massive cleaning spree to get ready for her visit), I was a pretty busy bee Sunday.  I headed out the barn to rescue Simon, who had been on stall rest for a few days and whinnied to be gratefully when I showed up to hand walk him.


So we walked, watched the lesson going on.  Looked at the babies.


I thought my horse was looking mighty fine in the horse shine, and took some pictures.  Just enjoyed being with him.  In the hustle bustle of showing and training and lameness evaluation, sometimes it’s easy to forget that he’s my pet at the end of the day.

Impromptu conformation shot
Impromptu conformation shot

When we had lapped the property, I said my goodbyes to Simon and headed off to my afternoon adventures… which included yarn shopping (more details on that soon!) and a very special visit out to a resort outside of Austin.


A resort where Ariat was having their sales meeting.  Why was I heading to an Ariat event?  To meet Emily of Wilbur, Ellie and Emily of course!

We had a great lunch and gabbed all about work, lame ponies, sound ponies, show ponies and of course blogging in general 🙂  I had a blast and felt immediately comfortable with Emily.  She is just as fun and personable as you would guess from reading her blog!


The equine blogging community is such a fun group.  Love my blogging friends and think it’s extra special when I get to meet them in the flesh.

Hanging out with Emily was a great way to get my positivity hat firmly planted on my head for the upcoming week.

18 thoughts on “Positivity Hat

  1. Aw, Simon looks great! You two will be back at it in no time – sometimes things happen to make us appreciate our equine partner even more, because it is just easy to forget!

  2. YAY POSITIVITY HAT! That’s the best kind of hat to wear. I’m sure you and Simon will be back at it soon, and you’ll find a way to make him as comfortable as possible in his work! Cute layout, too.

  3. Just wanted to say that I’m just catching up on blogs, not sure how I missed Simon’s whole lameness saga, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he responds well to the hock injection and whatever you guys have him on for his back!

  4. Hey Lauren – I fell off the blogosphere for a couple weeks and come back to this disheartening rollercoaster of Simon’s soundness. I’m so sorry to hear about the NQR-ness, but will be holding good thoughts for his recovery.

    On a happier note, I am totally crushin’ on your new blog design. It looks great! Hopefully we can stage our own blog meet up soon. I’ll be at Waco in September!

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