Let’s Make a Baby Blog Hop

Let’s Make a Baby Blog Hop

Otherwise known as let’s do a sex change on my horse and pretend I’m going to breed him blog hop!

Even if I did own a mare, I’m pretty sure I would not breed.  There is so much risk and money and heart breaking in breeding.  Not saying I am only going to have OTTBs for the rest of my life, but I would probably choose to buy a yearling or two year old over breeding my own.  That being said, it’s fun to play along!

Here’s my “mare”.


S(he) has a good jump, meh trot, good canter but a short stride.  I don’t want more height, but I do want a longer stride and better movement.  Since I still love the hunters and I’m not super concerned with a 10 jump since Simon already has a nice jump, I’m focusing on movement and stride here for Shemon.  Get it?  She Simon.  So what I’m looking more…

  • Under 17hh (preferably closer to Shemon’s height at 16.2hh)
  • Strong hind end
  • 10 Trot
  • Good jump
  • Canter covers ground
  • Chrome is a bonus

And with all of those things in mind, I picked… Amazing!


I like his trot quite a bit, and love his canter.  His jump is good, but doesn’t seem so back jarring that he couldn’t be ridden by a mere amateur like myself.  He’s not giant or super beefy, and he’s got a little chrome to boot 🙂


Okay, maybe I do need a mare now?  Just kidding!

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