Soundtrack of Your Life

Soundtrack of Your Life

Lots of blogging about non-horse topics lately. It’s not that I no longer love my horse, but more that he isn’t doing anything exciting. We’re just waiting for one more week of restricted turnout & rest before I hop back on and see how he feels. I don’t even need to ice/poultice/wrap right now, so I’ve been a bit of a slacker horse mom and only hoof out to the barn a few times a week.

When I do go out, he alternates between making cute faces at me and terribly grumpy faces at the stallion next door. I’m sure all of you are very scared now.


So outside of that excitement, I don’t have much to talk about on the horse front. One thing that has been occupying my little raccoon brain lately is Spotify playlists.

Being a blogger means that I have to be at least a little bit narcissistic by nature. I mean, I write my rambling thoughts on the internet every day and expect people to read them… need I say more? Lately I’ve taken that narcissism one step further, and created a playlist on Spotify that would be the soundtrack to a movie about myself.

Because producers are just clamoring over me to make a movie of my life, har har har.


However, what I really like about collecting these songs in a single location is that they remind me of so many different parts of my past. Blink-182 and The Used for high school. Rufus Wainwright for college. The Avett Brothers & fun. for my early years in Austin, and so many songs for my relationship with Tim. These songs make me happy and sad all at the same time, but I lived them and I like looking back to them.

The playlist is always in flux, but if you’re a Spotify user and are interested you can check out the playlist here. There’s a wide variety of music on there, but some songs are more explicit so if you are of a sensitive nature with lyrics consider yourself warned.

I’m curious if anyone else ever does this? If you decide to make a soundtrack of your own, please share a link in the comments! Otherwise, what songs do you think you’d throw on your own personal soundtrack?

19 thoughts on “Soundtrack of Your Life

  1. Less “soundtrack” and more “this one song resonates really strongly with me right now and I’m going to listen to it on repeat eighteen times and then rip it apart to make it all my phone tones.” And right now, that’s Coleman Hell’s 2 Heads. Next week or next month, it’ll be something else.

  2. I’ve moved around a lot in the past six years (five states! 45 left to go!) So I like to make a playlist of my current favorites and name it based on where I’m living at the moment. The Wellington playlist from WEF this year is very different from Stillwater, Oklahoma!

  3. Oooo, what a cool idea! I have several playlists on Youtube of music videos for certain categories. There is a high school years one, classic rock one, calming one and then just a general music list. I should probably use the spotify because it makes more sense. Time to investigate!

  4. I used to make actual mix tapes in high school, and they all inevitably had The Afghan Whigs, Sonic Youth, Superchunk, Catherine Wheel, Morphine, and My Bloody Valentine on them. And random burner songs from the 70s like America’s Ventura Highway.

    But I also sing along to Taylor Swift on the radio, so…. yeah.

  5. I made up a fun writing project called Shuffle in which you put your playlist on shuffle and free write about whatever memories it brings up for the entirety of the song. I found I could remember things from the past that I never would have thought of again (for better or worse!). A great writing excersize either way. 🙂

  6. I wish I was the sort of person who made playlists, because I do appreciate a good one. Instead I’m the kind of sister who steals my brother’s USB drive of music and listens to whatever is on it, because that’s easier.

  7. I started a Spotify playlist 4 years ago, and try to add some songs once a month. Now listening to it is like taking a journey through the last four years of my life. Fun and sad and inspiring.

  8. No way! This is a 7th Grade English prompt I used to do when I taught English. The kids had to choose several songs and then design a CD cover to represent their life. It was an awesome way to get to know them and they all loved doing it.

  9. I find that particular albums tend to feature in my life at varying times; I had quite a few years of Earth Moving by Mike Oldfield, then an awful lot of Gadflys (Australian band) and John Mayer that seemed fitting!

    These days the artists vary.

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