Breaking News – Lauren Eats Vegetables

Breaking News – Lauren Eats Vegetables

Today isn’t going to be earth shattering, emotional content, but I wanted to share some results of the GoFund Me that Tracy created and everyone so generously donated to. That way you can see some visual proof that I haven’t taken the money to run go buy shoes or something. Let’s be honest, the only one that gets new shoes in this family is Simon.

Although I have cooked officially 1 meal in my new apartment (and it had spinach… I’m very proud), most of the time I was existing on a well balanced diet of cheese, bread, chocolate covered almonds and diet coke. Also I may or may not have had cannoli for dinner on more than one occasion.

Tracy asked me how I’d like the donation money to be used, but I told her that my decision making skills weren’t super exemplary at the time and to use it how she and the donators saw best. It was decided that part of the money would go towards a few weeks of Freshology meals delivered to my door.


They include breakfast, lunch, dinner and a dessert each day and are certainly a very appreciated luxury. I’m fairly sure I was on my way to getting scurvy with my diet, but I can’t tell you how nice it has been to have fresh salads and vegetables at my fingertips with 0 effort.


Freshology meals are unique, tasty and healthy. They have helped me get back to a better place with my diet, and toned down the urge to emotionally eat quite a bit.


I’m still digging myself out from the many overdo thank you notes I need to mail out, but I still plan on reaching out to every donor who I can get a name/address for personally. For those of you who donated anonymously, just know that I am extremely grateful.


So is my body. Veggies… who knew?

20 thoughts on “Breaking News – Lauren Eats Vegetables

  1. All looks interesting. I haven’t heard of freshology but figured Tracy was taking care of you via our contributions. I’ll have to explore the options they have. I still really want to try blue apron.

    1. I tried Blue Apron, and had mixed feelings on it. Part of my problem is that we tried the vegetarian version, which was tasty but JUST as expensive as the meat version… and that’s dumb. Lentils + beans are much, much cheaper than meat based protein.

  2. Yay I’m glad you are eating real food, I know how easy it is to just emotionally eat and then shame spiral. Add that with the ebbing and flowing of hunger and its just not that easy. I’m glad there was something like Freshology in your area. I had suggestion Munchery, which is a really awesome delivery service, but sadly only in Chicago and the Bay Area right now.

  3. I just wanted to say that if a new pair the f shoes would make you feel a little better, for even just a little while, I don’t think a single person would mind.

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