Simon’s Siblings

Simon’s Siblings

As mentioned yesterday, for the purposes of my research I was pretty much only interested in Simon’s siblings from the same dam.  It’s not that his sire isn’t up to snuff, but we all know that most stallions will have gazillions of foals and it’s more common for the foal to have more characteristics of the mother.

To find out this info, I pulled Simon’s dam’s pedigree up on It turned up 4 results (including Simon), so I had 3 siblings to track down.

Usually my next step is googling the dam name, but since “Derby Diva” is super common I ended up googling “Derby Diva” Thoroughbred and see what came up. Ooo, a sale ad for a horse in San Marcos, TX. Bingo!


Red Derby is a 5 yr old, registered Thoroughbred. Son to American Champ and Derby Diva. He was broke with a Western saddle and is also Track broke. He stands at approximately 15. 5 hands. Although he has been off the track for over a year now, it’s believed that Red has many prospectives; from rodeo; BARRELL RACING, to the track, to just a leisure riding horse. He’s kind and gentle, very quick on his feet, easily loads, picks up all feet without any problem, and is sound; no vices. He is a truly amazing horse! He just couldn’t go the distance on the track. So don’t accidently pass him up! $5, 000 or best offer!!


That took care of sibling #1, the 2002 gelding “Red Derby”.  There were just these few pictures and this sale ad I found was from 2007, so I imagine he was bought by someone and became a pleasure horse of some degree.  Who knows!

Sibling number two, the 2004 “Little Big Red” was much more interesting.  With such a unique name, I googled this horse and immediately found… a blog! Naturally I did what any sane person would do, and read the entire thing over the course of several days.


I discovered some things. Little Big Red, or “Red” was local to me in Austin.  His owners were training him with some professional help to be a hunter/jumper, and he showed on our local show circuit as “Ting ‘Em”.  At the next show I went to, I kept an eye out for this big red creature.


And found him really easily!  I introduced myself to the owners, who were super friendly and happy to hear from me, and kept an eye on his progress at shows.  He turned into a pretty handy jumper, and it gave me hope for Simon’s future.  Every show I went to, I’d snap a few pictures of Red.


This is usually where the story would end, but we can just start singing It’s a Small World together now.  When I decided to move barns earlier this spring, my new barn owner/trainer asked me to add her on Facebook.  Looking through pictures she was tagged in, I noticed that a lot of them were of Little Big Red!  So I texted her something dorky, asking if she trained my horse’s brother… which she did!

So of the four foals Simon’s dam has had, I know something about 2 of them and own one.  On top of that, 50% of her offspring board at the exact same barn.  Such a small world after all!


14 thoughts on “Simon’s Siblings

  1. This is awesome! Did Little Big Red come off the track, too?

    This inspired me to search Archie’s dam’s progeny and.. I think Archie might be the most successful of the bunch. His four other siblings were all unraced (or no notes about having raced). And the breeder bred her for five years straight, with Arch being smack in the middle.

  2. SO cool!! You are making me so excited to get my Red’s papers!! It’s funny..Red’s barn name and possible show name was “Little Red” then when he outgrew the pony division-and he was in that division for years, crazy!-his barn name was switched to “Little Big Red” Small world. 🙂
    Red Derby is beautiful, but I think Little Big Red takes the cake for me!! LOVE his color and build!! Checking out her blog now.

  3. “but we can just start singing It’s a Small World together now. ” Why. Why did you have to do this to me. That song is going to be in my head forever now. Just reading the title in italics did me in. *bangs head on desk*

    Red’s a gorgeous boy!

  4. Haha what a funny story! That’s really neat though 🙂 And it’s true what they say about the dams, but strangely Wizard is much more like his sire than his dam, in my opinion. Visually, he looks just like his dad. And personality wise, his dam is kind of loco in my opinion, and his sire is one of the nicest well-behaved and intelligent stallions I’ve ever seen- more like Wiz, lol. But his sire has the tendency to pass on that attitude- pretty much all of the smart horses at the barn were from DT, and the kind of crazy ones (ok, really crazy ones) were from their old stallion. That’s so neat that you ended up boarding with her! I want to own Wizard’s sister 😉

  5. That is pretty cool! Little Big Red looks like a very nice horse, too.

    Loki’s half-brother from his sire’s side is also at my barn. My trainer bought both of them at the same time and they look so similar that people have a very hard time telling them apart. My funny story is that back before I bought Loki a bunch of us went to school at the KY Horse Park. When we got there we realized we had brought the wrong horse! Monte will be making his Prelim debut sometime this fall. I haven’t looked up any of Loki’s siblings from his dam’s side but I’ll have to do that now.

  6. How fun to find! I did my best to track down Dandy’s female family and sibs but they’re pretty much lost (and sold to the Amish).

    I love that Simon and his brother are at the same barn! How cute.

  7. It’s such fun when you find connections like these! It’s pretty amazing that the two siblings board at the same barn!
    I hope that Red Derby found a nice home too, whatever career has been chosen for him.

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