New Look, New Focus

New Look, New Focus

I’ve been silent at the blog most of this year, but it’s not from lack of Texas activities.  Really the biggest change has been simple – I got a horse.

I know we’ve heard this before on this blog.  Since I moved to Texas, I did a lease to own on a backyard draft horse and lost a lot of money when he came down with a strange disease and I had to give him back.  Then I rode a string of school horses, and then I leased a nice-ish Thoroughbred gelding who later came up for sell.  After he sold, I decided the best plan was to save my money and buy something in 2013.

Then I met Simon.  <3


I really should say I re-met Simon.  I had ridden him some before my lease and didn’t enjoy him at all, but part of that was I was paying per ride and he was green as grass.  After my lease ended, my trainer mentioned he needed some rides to get ready for summer camp.  Simon was born with a birth defect on his hock, so after his short track training career he came to live in her pasture.  The vet said it would take 6 months for the hock to fuse, but 6 months turned into 3 years.

By the time he made it to the English barn where I ride, he was sweet but green.  Then a slew of teenagers rode him to “train” him, and he got more confused and hyped up.  Eventually they all gave up except for one girl, who gave him consistent rides and adored him.  Her time and hard work had improved the rank green horse I first rode last winter into a green but willing participant.  I saw a skinny horse with a great disposition and work ethic, and couldn’t quite picture him as a life long school/camp horse.

Simon when I first started riding him this spring

I quickly inquired if he was available for lease, or even if she would sell him to me.  My trainer is one of the most calm, patient, generous people I know and I love her.  Simon had been on her pay roll for years and not necessarily doing much work, and she knew me well enough to know that I wasn’t a horse abuser.  After only a little begging and child like excitement on my part, she agreed to give him to me.

It’s almost hard for me to talk about this horse accurately because I love him so much.  Even when he is challenging (and that is often!) he makes me smile, and I’m just so excited to continue to progress with him.

We’ve been through a lot in the six months I’ve had him, and one of the reasons I wanted to get blogging again is to further track our progress.  I hope he stays sound and happy forever, but no matter what I’m keeping this one for the long haul.


Simon and I at our first show
Simon and I at our first show

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