Simon’s Sire – Earth Colony

Simon’s Sire – Earth Colony

One of the joys of having a horse that’s registered is frantically googling all of their relatives.  In the horsey family tree, only a few really matter in my opinion – Sire, Dam, any full siblings, and any half siblings from the same dam.  Luckily for me, my search for Simon came up with solid results on several of these categories!

Here’s the quick facts about Earth Colony, Simon’s sire.

Younger Earth Colony
Younger Earth Colony
Older Earth Colony

Earth Colony (KY)

B , H, foaled February 11, 1991

Pleasant Colony – Earthland, by Northern Baby)

Career Statistics:

  • Starts: 16
  • Firsts: 3
  • Seconds: 3
  • Thirds: 1
  • Earnings: $127,139
  • Earnings Per Start: $7,946
  • Highest  108


Even though he raced and was obviously bred for the track, Earth Colony today is promoted as a sport horse sire.  He’s a big boy (17.2hh!) which us sporty people love, and the Pleasant Colony line in general breeds uphill, good jumping horses. The farm that owns him now seems to use Earth Colony to cross with smaller warmblood mares for sporty, sizeable foals with good bone.


I think he’s a handsome devil myself, but then again I am partial.  I also think this is where Simon gets his prominent wither and massive shoulder… oh yeah, and the big ears 🙂


I’m no conformation expert, but what do you think of Earth Colony’s conformation?  Don’t worry, you won’t hurt my feelings… it’s not like I have a mare to breed or I’m going to trade my nerd horse in for a new one 🙂

17 thoughts on “Simon’s Sire – Earth Colony

  1. He’s a beaut! 😀 I like his conformation. His neck is a little thick but as long as he’s worked enough it would be fine. Don’t know if it’s because I’m used to huge Quarter horse heads but his head seems a bit small compared to his huge neck, but that’s no biggy either.
    I’m sending for Red’s papers on the second or third of August and they should arrive within 6 weeks at the most, I’m SO excited to find out who his sire and dam are so I can research!! 😀 😀

  2. 1) It is kind of freaky how much Simon resembles his sire, especially now that he is really filling out! Earth Colony is no skinny-minny, that’s for sure!

    2) I think Simon has a much stronger topline than his sire, which is very good, IMHO.

  3. OMG, Simon looks JUST like his sire!!! Although I concur, Simon’s throat latch ties in more neatly and his neck is more refined than his sire’s (Earth Colony’s is a little too chunky). And while the up-hill balance is there, his back could tie in better with his whithers- looks like he’d be predisposed to a sway back. I agree with Tracy that Simon has a stronger top-line, too. He’s very pretty though anyway! How do you find out the babies from a registered dam?

    1. I think Simon may be sway backed too in old age… although it’s hard to tell. He has a long back, and I don’t know if it’s a particularly strong one (Simon that is, not Earth Colony). To find foals from the same dam, I used… that’ll be another post!

      1. Yeah I checked Wizard’s dam and she doesn’t have any- I think Wizard’s breeder stole her right off the track, so his only sibling is Amparo. That website is awesome though because it gives you pictures of their ancestors! I think thoroughbred just naturally have a long back, typically. As long as you keep him strong it should be fine- most horses get at least a little sway-backed in old age 🙂 Can’t wait to see more posts about his relatives!

  4. When I first got Skye I was obessed with figuring out if she was registered. She just seemed like too nice of a horse to be somebody’s back yard oops baby. I was right, turns out she had Appaloosa royality in the form of Mighty Bright as her grand sire and great-grand sire on both sides (she was pretty line bred). Once I knew her registered name I became obessed with finding out everything I could about her past as well as her dam and sire. Turned out she has a full sister who lives down in FL, and I also found all of her foals, though I only ever found pictures of three of them. Two of them had gone on to qualify for the world show, one in hunt seat, and the other in halter.

  5. My first thought when viewing Earth Colony’s photo was POWER! He looks like a power house for sure. I’m no confo expert but I really like what I see and his topline could be age related.

  6. He’s a handsome, chunky one! Random, but I love how he’s actually running around when theres at least a tonne of round bales behind him. For a big guy like that, I imagine he likes to eat.

  7. Wow! What a beautiful horse! Dark bay is one of my favorite colors! Like War Admiral! 😀 I’m also not an expert on conformation, but I love, love, love Thoroughbreds, and he looks so powerfully built! 🙂 Love it!

  8. Very cool! He’s gorgeous! Knowing Connor’s breeder and the owners of his full siblings have been huge assets to me. It’s amazing how similar they are – down to the plants they are allergic to.

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