Photography Friday – La Jolle Cove Sea Lions

Photography Friday – La Jolle Cove Sea Lions

One time my super cool California friend took me to La Jolle Cove near San Diego, and I was surrounded by sea lions and harbor seals.

This trip was made even more fantastic by three things:

  1. I listened to a This American Life episode years ago all about the cove and the battle between animal activists and beach patrons. It’s really interesting, and you can listen here.
  2. You can get close enough to touch the animals. Of course I don’t suggest this, because a fully mature male sea lion is pretty damn intimidating but hey… people without zoom lenses were braver than I.
  3. I had my camera and got to pretend I was a National Geographic wildlife photographer.

So yes, super awesome.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Happy Friday!

15 thoughts on “Photography Friday – La Jolle Cove Sea Lions

  1. Oh I’m so jealous! This was one stop on my whirlwind SD weekend I didn’t get to do. The seals in san Fran were fun, but so cool that you got to get SO CLOSE.

  2. How awesome! I was literally right there a little over a year ago and loved it. It was the first time I had seen wild sea lions and seals. So glad you got to go.

  3. So smelly tho, right? Great shots!! There are some really great breakfast places near the cove, but far enough away that you don’t smell it. I hope you got to take advantage of that as well 🙂

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