Photography Friday – Texas Hill Country

Photography Friday – Texas Hill Country

I’m trying to get better about getting out and taking pictures more often.  Have way too much camera equipment to waste sitting around.  Of course, a little weekend getaway is the perfect excuse for that.  Here’s an assortment of pictures from our Labor Day weekend trip to Fredericksburg, Texas and Enchanted Rock State Park.

3 thoughts on “Photography Friday – Texas Hill Country

  1. I love the first picture the best! Makes you want to lie down and look at clouds. Seriously Texas does have the best sky, don’t you think?

    1. I saw on Facebook that you were blogging again and thought I’d stop over. 😉 The pics are beautiful, Lauren! How did you like Fredericksburg? I went a couple years ago during their county fair to watch the horse races.. good times. 🙂 The TX Hill Country definitely has a lot of great photo ops!

      1. Hey and thanks! We thought the natural part of Fredericksburg was beautiful, and the touristy stuff downtown was kind of a pass next go by 🙂 Hill country is sooooooooo beautiful though. Very different landscape than what I’m used to.

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