I’ve been spoiled for most of 2013.  Although my job is never slack by any means, all of my responsibilities clipped along at a reasonable pace.  That’s been ramping up as we march towards 3rd quarter, and last week was pretty hellish to say the least.

That’s not the reason for my absence from the blog though, I got a last minute deal on a plane ticket to go to North Carolina and visit family for father’s day weekend.


There was a lot of this.


One day of that.


My Dad proved to me once again that he has a better social life than I do and knows where all the cool places are, whereas I’m like “yeah, um we sit on our couch and make veggie tacos and play video games… crazy pants!”

It was a nice trip, and even though it was the worst time for me to leave work for a long weekend… I felt like I really needed the break.  Unfortunately it left a little twinge of homesickness for NC feeling a lot worse.  Going back for a while made me want to live there even more, so I need to take some time and process that.

For now I need to put on my big girl pants and get back to work.  No Simon updates – he got a training ride on Friday but has had two days off on each side of that ride… so no telling what kind of freshy fresh horse I’ll see when I get today.  Still, I’m excited to go ride and hoping he’ll help me get out of this little funk.

12 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. Going home is always nice and I’m sure Dad loved seeing you. I don’t think I could trade living in N.C. for Texas even though Texas is very nice. It’s just where you grow up and have memories that makes it so hard to move.

  2. What a lovely way to spend a long weekend and I’m sure your dad loved it too!
    I was born in NC, but didn’t live there very long – probably 6 months or so and haven’t been back since so have no memories of it…deff sounds great though!
    Hope the homesickness issues have a resolution one way or another and that you feel better again.
    I also hope Simon is great for your spin later to help build Mommy back up!

  3. I’m glad you had a chance to have a quick vacation. I can’t imagine leaving TN, even though there are a few places I’d love to live for a week or so, Texas being on that list. Going home always makes a good time, but I can imagine your homesickness. I do LOVE the Carolina’s, though, so I’d have a hard time leaving as well! Haha!

  4. I understand that homesickness feeling. I’m sure it will ease up once you get back into your routine and see your pony. Sounds like a wonderful little getaway, though!

  5. I love North Carolina, I could totally see myself living there one day! As for the twinges of homesickness, I can definitely relate. I rarely feel homesick when I’m at school, but it always rears its ugly head after I’ve been home for a weekend or break 🙁 Good luck with the craziness at work!

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