WEF 2014 Booked!

WEF 2014 Booked!

Life has been a struggle bus so far (more on that tomorrow), which is why I’m uber excited about my trip to Wellington this year!

I’m going a tad bit earlier than normal, for week 10 instead of week 12.  While this means that the classes going on won’t be quite as spectacular, it’s still the best place to visit for any hunter/jumper enthusiast… and I get to hang out with one of my best buddies!

Even though my trip is going to be a bit shorter this year, I’m going to try and get as much content for the blog (and photos! and video!) as possible. My question for y’all is, what are you curious about? What would you like to see?

It should be said that I’m there first and foremost for fun and vacation, but I love doing my best to answer questions and take pictures of all the Antares products (ahem this one is for you L. Williams).

Gearing up for the trip, I’m making some photo compilation videos of my previous years photographs.

You can see more at my Youtube Channel if you’re interested 🙂

So leave me a comment if you’re curious about anything WEF related and I’ll be on the hunt for ya next month!

15 thoughts on “WEF 2014 Booked!

  1. YAY My request is in! Haha so I was on pinterest last night and found my instagram photo of the Antares Booth at the Menlo show from 2012 on a couple people’s board. It was my Meta Moment.

  2. Window shop for me! I want to hear about all the tack and clothes for sale 🙂 I so wish I could go to a big show like that, have fun!

  3. If you’re taking requests….. I want to know about the Devoucoux Leather Accessories… 😉 Though I will be able to see them at Rolex… and I guess that since I am a tack ho and have confessions to make soon enough I’ll be finding out about one of the items in particular. But I still want to know about the bridles 😉 Have a blast!!!

  4. I would love to go to Wellington some day. Or Florida. Or somewhere warm. In terms of requests, I like to see more behind the scenes moments. The barns. People chilling with their ponies. The grounds. The moments when riders aren’t in the spotlight. But all pretty pictures are nice 🙂 Enjoy! You will have so much fun!

  5. Awesome…what fun that will be. Since all the tack is covered…how about some pics of hot guy riders! Specifically if there is an Eric Lamaze sighting lol

  6. I want to see photos of gorgeously braided tails! I fail at braiding tails, but think they are BEAUTIFUL. Plus, we don’t see them often in dressage. TAILS PLEASE! 🙂

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