Horse Haven

Horse Haven

As I listened to the massive thunderstorm that hovered around my house from 4am – 11am Sunday morning, I thought, “I wonder if my granola bars are done baking?”

I wasn’t actually baking real granola bars though. I was baking virtual granola bar in my virtual French stable for my virtual horses.

Yes friends, it has come to horse iPad games. The rain has done this to me. I fear I may never be the same.

I downloaded Horse Haven on a whim Friday night. See, I work in a gaming company and we do a lot of mobile game development. Periodically I’ll download some games from the app store for research and development purposes, but I can’t claim those reasons had anything to do with my Horse Haven download and subsequent purchases.

I spent $6 in an hour. In video game land, that labels me as a “whale”. Though I haven’t spent any more real money this weekend, I have spent a lot of my time playing this game.

I won’t claim this is a realistic game though. For example, when horses are tired they just sit down.

Tack choices leave a bit to be desired.

Horses are always extremely dirty.

 And they celebrate being clean with rearing. In fact, they celebrate pretty much everything with rearing.

So if you’re looking for something to do while the rain takes all your shows and rides and life outside away, download this game and be my friend.

Because this is as close to riding outside as I’m likely to get until June. Not even joking.

26 thoughts on “Horse Haven

  1. I really wish you’d convince your company to do a realistic horse game! But thanks, I’ll have to download this since I’m soon entering the land of no covered arena…

    1. No one would play a realistic horse game. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN I JUST SPENT ALL MY COINS ENTERING A HORSE SHOW AND THE DAMN HORSE WON’T GET ON THE TRAILER? Screw this game.”

      Without the actual horse, it just can’t be worth it.

      1. Is it bad that I just literally laughed out loud at this comment at work?

        I’ve said that I don’t know HOW many times.

  2. I have never understood the tack choices. It’s not like you can even do a google search and find tack that looks like that in real life, so how do they make this stuff up?

  3. I was going through this not long ago. The rain just wouldn’t stop. And to make it worse I would hear people say “but we need the rain!” It made me want to smack them!

  4. I love horse games! I play one called Horse Life Adventures, where the horses also celebrate everything with rearing. Fun none the less, and this one also looks like one I would play.

  5. It is downloading as I type this 🙂 It just started to rain here so I totally feel justified for downloading it!!! hahaha!!!!

  6. This is cracking me up! All the rearing. And $6 is a deal. Think of all the people who spend that at the track. Or in Vegas. Or shopping online. And if it furthers your career (or horse addiction), so much the better.

  7. Thank god for horse games when it’s raining out. ‘My Horse’ on iPhone is good also, although now quite realistic either. Chin up though, summer is on its way! We’re looking forward to winter here in NZ and that sucks. May have to download this game too, if only to dream about having a barn THAT clean!

  8. lol @ the horses celebrating being clean by rearing… my mare HATES bath time and her rears are NOT celebratory haha… but seriously tho, hoping some sunshine reaches you soon!

  9. “The horses are always dirty” <- if this isn't your real life, there's something wrong with your horse. 😉

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