My Favorite Horse Products Under $5

My Favorite Horse Products Under $5

There are a ton of really awesome, really expensive equestrian products out there.  They are usually beautiful and made more beautiful with monograming and bejazzling and all other sorts of fun things.

On the flip side, there are the unsung heroes of my tack trunk.  Here are my favorite products for under $5 that I use on an almost daily basis.


Menthol Rubbing Alcohol

This has many uses.  You know when you’re a really gross head sweat’er who lives in Texas and your helmet stays wet for two days?  Spraying this bad boy inside it will zap that moisture away.  Plus it gives it a nice minty smell.  Also, when Simon got really sick the vet told me to give him alcohol baths to bring his fever down.  You bet I keep an extra bottle of rubbing alcohol on me now in case of emergency.  Cost: $1 from the Dollar Store


Small Rubber Curry Comb

It’s not shaped like a flower or fun colored, but this is my favorite brush hands down.  I have little hands, so I hate big curries.  A lot of people have remarked how Simon looks very shiny lately, and that is 100% due to this simple brush.  I just curry and curry, and then go over him with a soft brush before riding.  Cost: $1.95 each at Online Equine Supplies

latte-cotton-hand-towel-setHand Towels

Hand towels are life.  Remember Douglas Adams’ advice about time traveling?  Well, the hand towel is the equine groom version of that.  Warmth and moisture breeds fungus and skin problems, so whenever I wash off Simon’s face I try to thoroughly dry it with a hand towel.  They are also great for wiping down bits, boots, whatever!  Mine are fancy because my mom is awesome and monogrammed them for me, but you can pick up a nice thick handtowel for under $5 at Target.  Cost: Varies


Off Brand Baby Shampoo

Remember how I mentioned washing Simon’s face?  When he sweats in the summer, his hair falls out on the sweat spots if I don’t wash his face after every ride.  This shampoo is gentle on his skin and doesn’t sting his eyes.  Cost: $1 at the Dollar Store


Plastic Sweat Scraper

My last favorite cheapy is literally the only sweat scraper I’ve ever bought.  Since it’s so cheap and I wrote ‘UPTON’ on it with a Sharpie a million years ago, it’s therefore impossible to lose.  I’ve tried the curvy sweat scrapers and the fancy ones with rubber grips and metal ones but really… this is my favorite.  It gets the most water off and is impossible to break (or lose I guess).  Cost: $1.95 at SmartPak

What is your favorite cheap product under $5?

20 thoughts on “My Favorite Horse Products Under $5

  1. Menthol Rubbing Alc is the best. I bought that with witch hazel, rubber gloves and a sponge at Walgreens and I think the cashier thought I was a crazy person. I’ve never considered putting it in my helmet. I have the CO helmet deodorizer and cleaner though. Fun post.

  2. I always have rubbing alcohol too. Plus listerine for fungus/itchies, witch hazel, microfiber towels, and several pairs of dollar store scissors. I will say, I’m a little obsessive about my metal sweatscraper. Hate plastic and hate rubber even more, so I tend to take it everywhere.

  3. One of my favorites is dawn dish soap for use on faces and scrubbing white. In my experience it gets white hair cleaner than the purple whitener products. Plus if it’s safe enough to wash those sad ducks covered in oil it’s safe enough to get all over my ponies!

    I use apple cider vinegar on cannon bone crud with great success. Just spray it on, leave it overnight, then curry off the nastiness the next day.

  4. Great post. Must try that as a helmet spray! My fav under $5 is white vinegar. I use it to clean feed buckets, bits, etc. Its anti-fungal so you can use it on gunky spots.

  5. ooh nice post! might stock up on some of this stuff. also – i agree completely about the plastic sweat scraper. the metal ones seem to get the water off a little better, but always bend and break eventually

  6. I rode a Thoroughbred who has skin issues in the summertime…I always used Head and Shoulder dandruff shampoo. Sometimes not under $5 but definitely cheaper than stuff you buy at the tack store. I also used apple cider vinegar to treat thrush….works wonders!

  7. Shedding blade!!
    I may not use it year round- but when those winter fuzzies are starting to shed out, it is my best friend and I couldn’t live without it.
    I found it online for $4.40 AUS- which would make it cheaper in US$.

  8. Those small rubber curries are the best! I never feel like I can do as thorough a job with the big ones.

    As far as cheap grooming supplies go, let’s not forget the good old basic hoof pick! None of these fancy hoof picks with crazy “super” handles or anything. Although, if I had to splurge for an expensive hoof pick, this one at Smartpak with a bottle opener and corkscrew attachment looks pretty handy… (

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