Graphic Ponehs

Graphic Ponehs

Once upon a time I made my living entirely from graphic design.  This is shocking, because I’m a mediocre designer at best.  These days I do more project management/content UI/writing than design, but for a brief point in my career there was a magical time where I was paid to draw ponies on the computer for a living.


Draw ponies.  On the computer.  For a living.  Squee!


Recently I stumbled across a lot of these assets, some I did for work and some I did for fun.  I decided they might make a fun blog post, if nothing else you can look and go ‘meh’ or ‘ooo ahhh’ and I can fill an otherwise boring day… because no one wants to hear about how much I really do hate lead changes.


Because really, I sure do hate lead changes a lot.



A lot a lot.





All being said, I don’t miss drawing ponies (and puppies) for a living.  I prefer blogging about them in my spare time and doing oh so amazing cartoon doodles on my iPad.


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  1. Once upon a time I wanted to be a graphic designer as well, but mostly I just wanted to play with computers and website design. Unfortunately I don’t have an artistic bone in my body, haha! Now I just code stuff for the hospital.

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