Day 18 – Your Grooming Routine

Day 18 – Your Grooming Routine

Let me start off by saying that I wish we were one of those fancy barns that had a vacuum.  Oh, I long for a vacuum.  I have briefly considered shop vaccing my horse… but that seemed like a poor idea.  Since I am horse vacuumless, my grooming routine is a formular that goes as follows.

Full grooming – minutes I arrived late at the barn – amount of winter coat – temperature outside = full grooming routine


Full Grooming Routine

Currying, Body with hard brush, fly spray (if needed), body/legs with soft brush, face with face brush, pick hooves, hoof oil, condition tail, comb out tail.

What Happens When It’s Freezing Out and My Horse is a Wooly Mammoth

Body with soft brush, face brush, pick hooves, check for the latest bump scrape or bite from the evil pasture creatures and get out to the ring as quickly as possible

Sigh, I can’t wait for summer to come back and all the hair to go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


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