Products I Can’t Live Without – EcoGold Hunter Pad

Products I Can’t Live Without – EcoGold Hunter Pad

While I have been through a lot of schooling saddle pad options with some good results, for the longest time I had a really hard time finding a decent hunter fitted show pad.

First I had a Thinline Sheepskin fitted pad, but it was incredibly hard to clean and stayed an off-white yellow color.  Sheepskin is expensive, hard to clean… and super expensive!  After seeing so many hunter horses at WEF with fleece fitted pads, I said bye bye to sheepskin and opted for something easier.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I went for a simple Toklat Medallion fleece pad.  With no bells and whistles, you can get a new one for between $40-$60.  They’re easy to clean, bleachable and look nice enough in the show ring.  Mine gave me problems from the start though.  It slipped a ton and offered no support for my horse’s sensitive back.

So much slippage
So much slippage

So I did a little saddle pad research, and listened to several of the jumper riders at my barn really enjoying their EcoGold half pads.  Curious, I went investigating on the website and found this.


It’s a Forward Flap Hunter pad, a mix of memory foam, no-slip material, and fleece.  Here’s what EcoGold has to say about it:

This hunter saddle pad keeps the saddle securely in place with its 100% breathable non-slip materials. The flap area is not padded, providing a closer contact and more stable riding position.

The horse’s back is protected with breathable high-density open-cell foam, which absorbs shock and moves impact laterally.

ECOGOLD’s unique and innovative Frictionless™ system prevents rubbing on the withers. This saddle pad is the choice of Olympic Gold medallist McLain Ward and top hunter riders Scott Stewart, John French, Louise Serio, Hope Glynn and and many more!

Maybe partially because I am a bit of a Louise Serio fangirl or maybe because the thought of getting shock absorption for Simon plus a saddle pad that was easy to clean was pretty appealing… either way I stuck this saddle pad on my Christmas/Birthday list and hoped Santa would be good to me.

Santa was, and now I’ve been able to use my pretty new pad at three horse shows.  The verdict?  I love it!


It is super easy to clean, and came out from a wash on cold water with normal detergent looking pretty spiffy.  I have peace of mind knowing that Simon’s back has a little bit more support than a regular fleece pad, and it doesn’t move at all.  This might not be impressive to y’all, but I get a death grip leg over bigger fences and my square pad likes to bunch and slip behind my leg.  This pad has no problems.

Chair seat, but no pad slippage
Chair seat, but no pad slippage

They have a non-forward flap version as well, but the forward model fits my saddle like it was made for it.  Score!

At $165 it’s not a cheap purchase, but if you’re looking for a hunter show pad that will look good, hold up, and help your horse – I highly suggest this EcoGold pad!

23 thoughts on “Products I Can’t Live Without – EcoGold Hunter Pad

  1. I don’t know if you have seen how forward the flap is on my jumping saddle. How do you feel this pad would fit under a more forward-flap jumping saddle? I have been giving this pad a good hard look, and that is the only thing holding me back!! 🙂

  2. Finding the right fitted pad is so hard! The fitted ecogold one looks like it was made for your saddle – super nice-looking. Maybe one day I’ll invest — I do adore my Ecogold half pad…

  3. Ecogold is the number one name in our circle of friends and trainers. I have a tonne of their pads, although not this one…it’s on the list. Glad it worked out for you!

  4. I currently use Fleeceworks halfpads – which I have zero problem keeping 100% white. All the fitted pads I’ve tried are much too long for my 13.5″ flap length. I’m ok with the 1/2 pad though, because on a dark horse, less white creates a less stark image. I’ve always oogled the EcoGolds though 🙂

  5. So i don’t ever comment but love your blog! I couldn’t help but comment because ironically enough this is the exact pad I have been thinking about buying! I’m glad you have a review on it. I have a thoroughbred with the worst swayback and he is just beginning his show career. I’m extremely excited to try this!

  6. Been meaning to tell you that I LOVE shots of you and Simon in the field all dressed up. I would die for pics like that!

  7. I’ve been looking for a new shaped show pad, and Ecogold has been one of my options. With this raving review, and knowing how well it fits your Prestige, I think I’m going to have to get me one!

  8. I love the ecogold products! I used my half pad all the time. Right now, my set up is with a shimmable thinline, but I will never let my ecogold pad go. Ever.

  9. Thank you so much for taking the time to post such a nice review! I will show all our manufacturing team on Monday & it will really make their day. 🙂

  10. If you like the Ecogold pad you should try the Equifit T-form Hunter non slip pad. I have both Ecogold & Equifit and imho the equifit is nicer (higher price though)

  11. I will say Ecogold makes some very nice pads. I have their XC pad and a jumper/all purpose one. The fitted pad does look like it was made specifically for your saddle very, very nice!

  12. This is a very timely post for me as I’ve been agonizing over which shaped pad to get. That pad looks great! I am a little nervous to order something like that online without being able to try one on my saddle though. Hmm.

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