Day 12 – Your Favorite Horse Color

Day 12 – Your Favorite Horse Color

I’m kind of a complete sucker for any horse with any color at all.  If I see a big chromey bay I go, “Oooo pretty.”  A fancy jumping pinto will make me swoon, and even a tasteful appy that isn’t built like a donkey (fear not appy lovers, I know that not all Apps are created equal and that they are lovely horses) will make my heart go pitter patter.

Nothing makes me warm and mushy like a Palomino though, and here’s why.


The horse I learned to ride on and loved above all others was a Palomino named Doodles, and this crappy scan is the best picture I have of him.  He was a short little QH mutt, but had the most beautiful palomino coat and thick white tail.  I adored him.  He was the very definition of trusty, huggable, dependable schoolmaster.  He coliced beyond saving shortly after I got Elvis (pictured to the left) in 2001.  I still miss him.

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