An Awesome Lesson

An Awesome Lesson

When my trainer texted me Saturday afternoon asking me if I was lessening on Sunday or waiting until Tuesday, I wasn’t sure the best answer. Simon had over a week off for his stitches to heal, and I while I was planning to ride that evening I wasn’t sure how he would be. I’m really eager to train for our next show (about a month away!), and figured worst case scenario I’d have a fresh horse. No big deal.

I tried to give him a nice hack Saturday night to take the edge off, and headed out with my lovely husband/videographer in tow for a Sunday morning lesson.


It was so fun!

Yes, he was fresh. Yes,I had some ugly spots and made some mistakes and our feel for lead changes wasn’t the best it has been… But for no jumping and no pro ride for 9 days I was thrilled!

Here’s some video – I edited out some circles trying to get leads at the end of the courses but left all the whoops as well as good moments.

The Positives!

  • We are slowly developing the feel for doing the pace for horse strides without me feeling out of control. Still work to do, but it’s better!
  • When I asked for the add, he added… Even though he was super fresh
  • I am doing a better job at sitting up and waiting
  • Jumps that used to scare me (brick wall) no longer do


The Negatives

  • I ride all my courses with chicken wings. That’s easy to fix so I need to force myself into the habit.
  • Our right to left lead change
  • He likes to play with his head in the corners. This is only when he’s really fresh/happy so I’m not too worried.

What to Work On

  • Strengthen the left lead canter
  • Canter lots of poles so my eye improves
  • No stirrup work!

Here are some jumping stills in case you don’t want to watch 3 minutes of amazing 2’0″ hunter action 😉

Simon is not impressed by 2’0″
This is super tiny & blurry, but he’s actually jumping like he gives a damn 🙂
Don’t lean for the long one kids…

Super pumped to get back out to the barn and work hard!  Hope everyone else had a great weekend of riding 🙂

18 thoughts on “An Awesome Lesson

  1. Pictures look great!! I can’t get over his COAT and muscle, seriously, dude! He looks SO much better!! My goodness, I want him, and I’m honestly a mainly Quarter Horse type girl. :)) You are making me want an OTTB! He’s really maturing into a solid jumper, as well. His form looks great!

  2. Lookin good! I’m so jealous of anyone who can canter their horse right now, haha. And this makes me miss jumping, too!!

  3. 1) Why does it not look hot there?
    2) I’m seriously impressed by how quiet you are. I wish I could be that quiet…
    3) Why are you guys not dripping with sweat?
    (and yes I’m totally obsessed with the heat)

    1. 1) OMG IT WAS SO HOT. Well over 100 yesterday.
      2) Thank you!!
      3) Oh, we were. Notice in the trot pictures my pony tail is fluffy and blonde. Notice in the jumping pictures it is thin and brown… yeah, that’s because it was literally DRENCHED with sweat. I am a gross, sweaty person.

  4. I’m at work and for some reason youtube videos don’t always work on this server connection, but I saw the instagram video and he looked super awesome! Very relaxed, in my opinion. I’ll take your word that he was more fresh in the video 🙂 And I recently read an article in practical horseman about what judges look for in the hunters, and all of the judges said they are more lenient to horses ‘showing their personality’ now. Such as a little head tossing etc., as long as it’s not too much, because they want to know the horse enjoys what he’s doing 🙂

  5. Yeah for lessons!! I love my lessons… You guys look great! Simon’s coat is nice and shiny…

    It’s nice to feel like there are lots of positives in a ride, while still having a few things to work on and improve.

  6. Having a successful lesson is one of the best feelings. I had a great lesson this weekend too – also overcoming things I had reservations about. My coach told me to stop riding around like a kid and *slow down*. Apparently I was going at speeds I used to be afraid of 🙂

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