5 Favorites Under $50

5 Favorites Under $50

Nicku from The Polka Dot Periodical is having a contest! If you don’t read this blog, check it out if you are an Appaloosa lover, an eventing enthusiast, or enjoy reading well written blogs by positive minded people!

She’s calling for people to submit their favorite product under $50, so here’s my list!

KL Select Fly Veils


I have sang their praises before, but at $25.95 online with TONS of color combinations and exceptional quality… there’s no reason why someone shouldn’t have more than one fly bonnet.  Or 6… it’s totally okay for someone to have 6 too.  Right?!?

SmartPak Medium Diamond Deluxe AP Saddle Pad


I have several of the SmartPak brand AP pads, and they have held up really well over lots of wear and washing.  I think adding embroidery to this will still keep you well under the $50 mark, and it looks sharp with some monogramming.

Fillis Stirrup Irons


So I used to ride exclusively in $200+ Sprenger stretchy stirrup irons.  Then one day my saddle went in for repairs and I borrowed a school horse saddle at my old barn.  Suddenly my lower leg wasn’t so wibbly wobbly anymore… huh!  Enter $30 stirrup irons which have been my tried and true irons ever since.

Adidas Clima Cool Polo Shirts


A lot of times these are very not under $50, but if you do some price shopping on Amazon you can get good deals.  It’s the coolest polo shirt you will ever own. Trust me.  A must for those “waive coat” days when it’s 105 and you feel like you’re going to die.

SmartPak Double Stitched Stable Halter


Probably my favorite SmartPak product.  After a year of constant use, mine is worn but holding up really well.  They also probably look a lot better when your horse doesn’t try to break it at the horse trailer.  Putting a name plate on these does push them past the $50 mark, but for $44.95 I don’t think you can find a better halter.

Now all of you go enter Nicku’s contest and tell her about your favorite item under $50!

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