Modern & Contemporary Horse Art

Modern & Contemporary Horse Art

No joke, if I lived alone each room in my house would probably look like this:


But seeing as I try to stay happily married, we go for a different kind of decor.  My husband and I have been living together for six years and I have slowly been drawn more to his style of decorating.  He likes clean lines, and modern/contemporary stuff.  We don’t the housing budget for true modern furniture (plus… dogs ruin everything), but I’d say we’re firmly in the contemporary realm.

Recently we repainted our walls, and I re-arranged all the art when I put stuff back up.  Lots of stuff didn’t make the cut, and I’ve been silently yearning for a giant, equestrian themed piece of artwork to put in one… two… maybe three spaces?

My criteria for picking something is currently only “pick something Tim won’t hate”.  Price isn’t a concern, because I’m mostly idea shopping here… which now I will dump all of my ideas for you.

I present “Lauren’s list of contemporary and modern horse art she predicts her husband won’t absolutely hate”!


Copper and Rivianna from Z Gallerie


22 Hands from Z Gallerie


Caballo Blanco from Z Gallerie


White Horse by Jennifer Meyers from Pottery Barn

What about you – what kind of equestrian art do you like for your home?

24 thoughts on “Modern & Contemporary Horse Art

  1. That draft horse print is stunning! That would be my choice. 😉

    Thankfully Michael is also a horseperson, so he is cool with anything horsey I want to put in the house! Unfortunately we don’t have a ton of wall space, though, so I don’t really have any fun equestrian art. 🙁

  2. I have had an OBSESSION with the 22 hands print for a few years now. If it weren’t $300+, I would own it by now. My coworkers thought I was so crazy talking about it, they printed it out, put it on a cup, and labeled it my “cup of dreams” so I could take donations and buy it. Yeah. LOVE LOVE LOVE that piece.

    1. Meeeeeeeee toooooo. Z Gallerie has tons of great equestrian stuff. They used to have a store near us, that had a modern english sporthorse painting that was just fabulous. Y u so expensive Z Gallerie! 🙁

  3. I really like the first two! That 22 Hands is awesome. I have to find a way to balance things in our home too. My husband is pretty horsey, but he tends to like the house cleaner and simpler. Like you, I’ve tended more towards his style over the last few years. Our living room is very classic with no frills, but I wanted a pop of color and horse and have always like Sarah Lynn Richards art. This is the print we have:
    I love all of her work 🙂

  4. My horsey decor is currently regulated to our second bedroom/office/massive piles of stuff room, and my actual cubicle at work.

    Although… it would be cool to hang some pictures in my cubicle… hmmmmmm

  5. I love that room.

    I’ve got a lot of old stuff from the early 1900s involving carriage horses that my dad/grandparents have passed along. I didn’t like it when I was a kid, but it has really grown on me in recent years. I’ve also got an outstanding contemporary piece that is carousel horses that I adore. However, until I’m in my own house and not an apartment, all of these pieces will remain at my parents as I simply do not have the wall space!

  6. I like 1 and 3!

    Despite us both liking horses, we have surprisingly little horse-related stuff in the house. Most of my horse art is in the tackroom – and that’s not much. I do have a page from an equestrian book that was printed in the 1620s… otherwise, the horse art stays in the barn!

  7. My art is mostly older, growing up with a father who is an antique dealer gives you a good selection of old equestrian art. This is what I prefer – anything with character and some age to it. I also just love the depiction of horses back in the 1800 and 1900s.

  8. Love the 22 hands print. I’ve noticed Z Gallerie has some nice horsey art work…

    If I had a ton of money, I’d be collecting Charles Johnson Payne aka “Snaffles” work:

    I just love his style of drawing.

    BUT as it is, I do have some hunt prints I love, old horsey photos, and of course, horsey drawings I did as a youngster. I wouldn’t mind getting back into drawing horses one day…

  9. GAH! I want my room to look like that… I think that’s my winter project… I love pictures of my friends and their horses. Everywhere. I have a couple portraits of Lucky that Kate from Polar Square Designs and my friend Kathy did for me. Those are my favorite.

  10. I love all of them. If I was artsy or creative in the least, I would do some pictures of Libby and do something with it. Love all the photos though! I also love old school show posters. The artwork in them is great 🙂

  11. I love all of those! I am very lucky in that my husband is also horsey. Our walls are covered in win photos from the track, photos of me riding, and candid horse shots. As is the fridge. One print that isn’t of our horses, but I absolutely adore is called ‘fierce grace’, you should look it up.

  12. I actually have a bunch of equine stuff on the walls (plus 18 Sam Savitt breed prints framed but not up).

    Mom collected two turquoise spotted (think appaloosa or stylized dapple) horse Japanese prints from her travels in 1959.

    Also from mom: One large Bev Doolittle framed piece, and one out of a collection (which is also in my possession). Charles M. Wysocki pieces (one needlepoint, two prints; plus a cat calendar annually).

    I also have a couple of original Sam Savitt gauches, a pastel by Sheryl Leisure (model horse hobby) and another piece (I’m forgetting the name). And another Bev Doolittle print I picked up at a charity sale.

    There are four calendars (with pictures) on my walls (3 in office), and usually two are equine related.

    Then there are the dozens of posters and prints I’ve collected gathering dust in corners.

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