Equestrian Art for the Home

Equestrian Art for the Home

Ever since I first knew that I’d be buying my house, I’ve been on the lookout for equestrian art. I think this is due to several reasons:

  • Buying art is way more fun than buying furniture
  • Now that I live alone I can put as many ponies in my house as I want
  • I really like ponies
  • I really like art

The largest piece and highlight of my room is hopefully going to be this black and white image that I took at Pin Oak last year and had blown up to rather large proportions:


I’m also working to create a gallery wall of specifically art (versus photography) pieces, which I thought I’d share with y’all today in the spirit of ponies and Friday and looking at pretty images.

Which one is your favorite? Do you have any equestrian art in your home?

37 thoughts on “Equestrian Art for the Home

  1. I started out with one or two equestrian prints. The I found another… and another… and then maybe one more. Hubby gave up, but did mention after my last purchase that I am out of walls 🙂 it’s only fair, since our basement is decorated in college football. To include the coveted spot over the fireplace. Where I wanted to hang a wedding photo. We’re even 🙂

  2. I have a ton of show pictures printed out and hanging all over, but no artwork. I have no decorating taste though to pick out pretty things and put them in pretty places. When will the painting of Simon be done?

  3. All of those art pieces are beautiful! I especially love the “Alchemy” print.

    I have pretty much nothing but equestrian art/photos adorning my house; some of it has been gifts I’ve received over the years, there are a couple of framed notecards, and of course, about a dozen pictures of Moe and me. I’ve also got some neat bookends, a couple of statuettes, and string of ribbons and a trophy displayed in the living room.

    Some people might think I have too many equestrian themed things in my house, but those people are WRONG. VERY VERY WRONG.

  4. Oh man, all soooo pretty. Alas, we have antique maps all over our walls, and one antique horse print. All the other horse stuff is in the tackroom, and I’m running out of walls!

  5. Such gorgeous pieces!
    I have two pencil sketch headshots of Kika I commissioned before Nancy’s arrival. I cannot wait to get two done of Nancy and put hem all on my walls somewhere!

  6. I like the pencil sketch jumper.
    We have a lot of horse art in our house, but most of it is antique hunting race horse prints. My parents like to go antiquing quite a lot and british horse prints/paintings are in abundance. We also have some custom paintings of our horses.

  7. Love this! I have a painting my mom bought me in Ireland from a street painter, because the subject looks like Pig. It’s next to my bed.

    My office is filled with photos of my animals and currier and ives prints, because … duh.

  8. That’s all I have on my walls … oh! I also collect barn art! I’ve collected most styles from the USA, now I’m searching for pictures (mostly paintings, some photographs) of barns from other countries.

    Your home is going to be amazing! Make sure to save room for the future treasures you will come across.

  9. I love all of these. We have a big 5ft painting of Pandora doing a sliding stop that I started, but never finished that is sitting in the kitchen. We do have other horse decor, but it is all mostly western pieces. I wish we could throw a few more english pieces in there.

  10. You’re gonna laugh at me… but Hobby Lobby actually has a ton of horse art up at the moment. I know not everyone likes Hobby Lobby (it is literally the only home decorating store within 45 minutes for me), but just FYI.

    I have a few pieces of art here and there that I’ve managed to sneak in. If it’s in the living room, it needs to get pre-approved. Anywhere else I have full liberty.

  11. Oh, my art weakness — I still have so much to hang up. I love your centerpiece shot, such a rich mix of texture & light & the horse’s eye! I have Sarah Lynn Richards in my bedroom as well, a Rolex purchase when she was there many years ago, along with a print from Vienna a friend brought me from the SRS that…huh, I need to take a picture of!! I actually bought this one when I found it on my own horsey art post search: http://bit.ly/1nDThLE (if you’re looking for more artists: http://www.teamflyingsolo.com/2012/12/the-artful-equine.html, I wish I could afford something of Tony O’Connor’s!). I got it printed on wood, it’s not big, maybe 24″, but the panel combined with the watercolour texture turned out gorgeously…how embarrassed should I be that it’s still waiting to be hung 4 years later??

  12. I don’t think I can pick any one that I like more than the other. All I know is that if I could have them all, I would. Most of the equestrian artwork I have around the house are paintings or drawings done by friends which is really cool to be able to show off.

  13. I love all of them but I would have to pick the ribbons followed by the last two 🙂

    My house is covered in various hunt prints that my husband picked up at various thrift shops in the area. They actually look pretty cool despite their location of purchase 🙂 I’m glad he embraced having a horse themed house!

  14. Love the art in the post! and I have always wanted to decorate my house with horse pictures but have never gotten around to doing it.

  15. oooo so many ideas! I have hard time putting up my own artwork, so this stuff gave me ideas. I LOVE the jumper in color, painted it look like. Stunning and crisp

  16. Oh, how I love equestrian art…and photos…and old tack repurposed in the house… 😉

    The photo is really nice and I’m sure it will look great on canvas – you’ll have to post a photo of it hanging in your house so we get the full effect.

    I love b/w pencil drawings – the first one and the close up of the jumper are pretty awesome. I also love the ribbons…

  17. So pretty! I have a very hard time selecting just one or two. I want them all. We have zero equestrian art other than a couple pictures of Tucker and the ribbons that we’ve won in a jar. I’ll have to rectify that once we have a larger space. Can’t wait to see how you decorate your new home.

  18. Hmm, do I have any equestrian art…. LOL. In my house it’s a bit hard to find something that ISN’T equestrian (or Springer Spaniel)! I am lucky to have gotten away with it, really. My family is quite tolerant and never questioned my taste, although I’ve had guests look at me a bit strangely. 😉

    All of these are gorgeous and I very happily pinned to my own board, so thanks for the suggestions!

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